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L0phtCrack is the award-winning password audit and recovery tool for Windows and Unix passwords. Security experts from industry, government, and academia agree that weak passwords represent one of the ten most critical Internet security threats, and are receiving more attention as a source of vulnerability, both on client desktop computers and in networks. L0phtCrack identifies and assesses password vulnerability over local machines and networks in a streamlined application, with built-in reports and remediation tools. This new version has an all new cracking engine which takes optimal advantage of multi-core CPUs and multi-core GPUs. A 4-core CPU running a brute force audit with L0phtCrack 7 is now 5 times faster than L0phtCrack 6. If you have a GPU such as the AMD Radeon Pro Duo the speedup is an astounding 500 times.
* Ultrafast Cracking
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* Powerful scheduling
* Simple Password Loading
* Remediation
* Audit multiple OSes
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