Download key generator for LanAgent Standard

 LanAgent is a computer monitoring software and computer tracking software. It controls and monitors activity on any computer connected to the local area network of your organization. The program allows you to detect the activities that have nothing to do with work and will show you how efficiently your employees spend their office hours. It is also the internet monitoring software because of having such features as IM tracking, visited web sites recording, E-mail correspondence monitoring. LanAgent works in a stels mode.
* Logs all keystrokes;
* Screenshot recording;
* Application monitoring;
* Software installation and removal monitoring;
* Track IM chatting (ICQ, MSN and etc);
* Records all websites visited;
* Skype conversations monitoring;
* Email Correspondence Monitoring, Web mail monitoring;
* External storages plugging and removing detection;
* Makes a shadow copy of files copied on a USB devices by employees;
* Printed documents tracking;
* Extended analytical report system.