Download key generator for XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 v2.0.7

Our advanced technologies and obsession with recording the world's most interesting instruments has gotten us on to so many hit songs, games, and movies we've lost count. In fact, if you watch TV, play games, or listen to the radio, chances are good that you've already heard Addictive Drums.
With Addictive Drums 2, we're taking it to the next level. More world-class instruments, more amazing sound shaping features, more tools for rhythm creation and transformation, and total freedom to pick only the kits and add-ons that are right for you. All this while maintaining the fast, clean, musician-centric interface that made us successful in the first place. We hope you'll love what we have made.
Our integrated library contains all ADpaks, MIDIpaks, KitPieces currently available. You don't need any previous installation or any time to re-install the old expansions :)
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ADpak Studio Rock
ADpak Vintage Dry
ADpak Black Velvet
ADpak Session Percussion
ADpak Indie
ADpak Metal
ADpak Reel Machines
ADpak Funk
ADpak Modern Jazz Sticks
ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes
ADpak Retroplex
ADpak Blue Oyster
ADpak Black Oyster
ADpak Studio Prog
ADpak Studio Pop
ADpak Fairfax Vol.1
MIDIpak 60's Beats
MIDIpak Heavy Rock
MIDIpak Diabolic
MIDIpak Indie Rock
MIDIpak Funk's Up
MIDIpak Percussion Beats
MIDIpak Loud Beats & Songs
MIDIpak Dry Beats & Songs
MIDIpak Reggae
MIDIpak Writer's Blocks
MIDIpak Blues
MIDIpak Alternative Rock
MIDIpak Latin Afro
MIDIpak Sloppy Grooves
MIDIpak Ballad Grooves
MIDIpak Rock'n'Roll
MIDIpak Jazz Brushes Grooves
MIDIpak Jazz Sticks Grooves
MIDIpak Funk Beats 1
MIDIpak Funk Beats 2
MIDIpak Reel Machines Beats
MIDIpak Rock Songs
MIDIpak Retro Songs
MIDIpak Metal Songs
MIDIpak HipHop
MIDIpak Punk Rock
MIDIpak American Rock
KitPiece Pearl Masterworks Piccolo Snare
KitPiece Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Snare
KitPiece Sonor Designer Snare
KitPiece DW Collector's Bass Drum
KitPiece DW Solid Piccolo Snare
KitPiece Premier Gen-X Bass Drum
KitPiece DW Woofer Bass Drum
KitPiece Vistalite Bass Drum
As always, installation is super easy and much convinient than official Online Installer. Never use official Online Installer to prevent extra problems.
Platform: WiN32 - EXE/VST, WiN64 - EXE/VST