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3d Ocean MaxMounts
MaxMounts is a MaxScript for creating realistic mountains in Autodesk 3ds Max, in a single click. Several tweak-able parameters have been provided to get an infinite variety.
The script also has an Environment creation function to create Sky, Sun and Clouds with correct colors depending on the Suns position in the sky.
Script features:
Single click mountain creation
No two mountains are same, even when created with exactly same parameters
14 tweak-able parameters
9 Presets for common mountain types
9 kinds of procedural textures
Mountain Range Creation
Saving and loading of presets
Assign or change built in materials
Environment creation
Automatically sets Sky,Cloud and Sun colors depending on Suns angle
Output is Editable Poly, materials are common 3ds Max materials, Fully editable.
Free Upgrades and support
Supports versions 3ds Max 2011-2014