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Android link-same game maker is a game producer which allows you custom your own style of Link-same for playing on Android devices. You can distribute the particular Android link-same apps on Any Android markets and then require them for charge or not. Actually you can earn considerable commission from Admob advertisements if you giveaway the game apps for free. Even popularize any website as a channel of Android device network marketing which enable you to add the extra income.
- Through distributing lots of link-same games for free, you can earn fabulous income from Admob advertisements.
- The simple user interface makes it with ease building a link-same game.
- You can custom your personal style link-same game which completely unique different from common ones.
- The output APK files are easy to be downloaded through data line, Bluetooth, even online. And the installed magazine interface shown on Android screen is warm and harmonious must impress you deeply.
About Product
- You can import all the picture cells for replacing the default which make it your style.
- Custom the horizontal and vertical cells' quatity (It determines the whole size which will be shown on Android screen).
- Custom the first round duration and the degressive time interval that the next is less than its prior round.
- Custom game of link-same icon, logo, and background.
- Modify the outward apearance of timer in game.
- Custom button of Start, Refresh and Find.
- Self deinfine the style of prompt message box includes Background, Next round, Replay and Exit.
- You can paste the advertisement image on the bottom replace the default.
- It enables you to define your own languge commentary to take over English.
- The right area displays the intuitional preview effect help you compare.
- Enable you embed Admob ads to earn comission.
With the Link-same APP created, the players will be able to:
- Enjoy the jaunty background tunes.
- Make interactions with the game itself well.
- Speed up the reflexes, make you smarter.
- Speed up the reflexes, make you smarter.
- Alleviate the pleasure from life and work.
Language: English
OS: Windows 2000 or higher
(Premium Recommended)
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