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Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9888 x64 DVD | Size 3.89 GB
Release Date : December 2014
Languages : English - United States
Windows 10 build 9888 includes additional window animations, context menu improvements , Battery Sense , and more
Recent builds of Windows 10 feature a few additional improvements over the last public build of Windows 10, which was issued to Windows Insiders recently. Yesterday, WinBeta exclusively acquired build 9888, and we've got all the details on what's new here. Before we dive any further, 9888 is an internal (partner) build of Windows 10 which is not planned for public release.
First up, build 9888 appears to be the first build which attempts to begin unifying context menus throughout the operating system. In current public builds of Windows 10, right clicking a file within File Explorer or on the desktop reveals a context menu which differs from that on the Start Menu / Start Screen. In build 9888, it appears Microsoft is set to unify these context menus, making them the same as the ones available within the Start Menu / Start Screen. In this build, the new context menu only shows up when right clicking the taskbar. Right clicking within a Win32 application still reveals the older Windows 8.1 context menu style. This build is merely the beginning of that transition from old context menu UI to the new one.
Furthermore, the zPC Settings app which was found in the last two iterations of public builds is now the default PC settings app in build 9888, and the PC settings app has simply been renamed to "Settings". The new Settings app is yet more evidence to Microsoft replacing the desktop control panel, as the new Settings app features almost everything the current desktop control panel can do.Not only that, but the new Settings app includes a search bar at the top of the available options. Why it's there remains a mystery, as all it does right now is reveal the charms search when pressing enter on your query. We assume Microsoft isn't finished with this search bar just yet.Of course, build 9888 is also one of the first builds of Windows 10 to feature version 10.0 of the NT kernel. WinBeta understands that build 9888 is not the first build to feature NT 10.0. According to our sources build 9884 was the first NT 10.0 build, meaning 9883, which was sent out to partners a couple of weeks ago, was the last NT 6.4 build.Last but not least, Microsoft has added an additional two animations for windows. One for maximizing, and one for unmaximizing/demaximizing/minimizing. These new animations make it so windows slide in and out of maximized states, instead of just popping in and out like they do in current public builds.
We also have a video of the build demonstrating these new features below: : Windows 10 Build 9888
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