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The Phoenix suite of products offers world class restoration tools for the most demanding jobs, and features our multiple award-winning DVO technology.
Phoenix is designed to produce great results fast with less manual intervention. With a familiar timeline based interface, the artist and archivist can easily review and retouch defects in context as required.
Using the Phoenix film and video restoration solutions with its award-winning DVO image processing software tools, means you never have to compromise on image quality. With automated and semi-automated file-based restoration features for greater operator efficiency, the only decision to be made is which product provides the right level of functionality for the task in hand.
New in DigitalVision Phoenix 2014
Phoenix Touch
A cost effective image restoration software, aimed at film based material and for cleaning up VFX plates and DI scans. Phoenix Touch contains powerful automatic dust-busting capability alongside a high quality manual repair toolset that can turn around intensive repair tasks quickly. Phoenix Touch can also act as assist station to Phoenix Refine and Phoenix Finish.
Phoenix Refine
The best high-end restoration toolset for repairing damage to film material. Combining the best in automatic, semi-automatic and manual restoration tools, Phoenix Refine adds editorial and effects processing capability. The result is a single system with outputs for both mastering or archive.
Phoenix Video Restoration Software
An end-to-end solution that includes Digital Vision's leading image processing DVO toolset. Phoenix Video is a highly automated restoration and enhancement solution for handling video content stored on tape formats such as 1, U-Matic and Betacam SP.. The system handles common image defects such as dropouts, severe noise, cross colour artifacts, line sync problems and more. Additional features include motion compensated frame rate conversion and high-quality upscaling, as well as full support for common broadcast codecs.
General Film Defects
The normal approach for film restoration is to address global issues (i.e. problems affecting the whole image such as unsteadiness or flicker), then tackling localized defects and finally and optionally enhancing the image.
Old and Damaged Film
In addition to the above, old and severely damaged film may need additional treatment. The complete range of tools may need to be used and Phoenix Finish is the best choice here. For example, frame reconstruction can be done in a number of ways, with a motion compensated "fill-in" using DVO Fix.Time stretching can be achieved with DVO Twister, using multiple layers/tracks and compositing tools. Colour/density matching can be performed using the advanced grading tools available in Phoenix Finish.
Analogue Video Tape
Start by correcting any "line-start" problems using DVO Line Sync and then composite artefacts can be eliminated with DVO Cross Colour.
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