Download key generator for Adobe Update Management Tool 8.0

Adobe Update Management Tool is small tool that help you bypass the Adobe license checker so you can grab all updates from Adobe website without Creative Cloud account or license. Some of it's functions are: Download Offline update, Install Offline update, Install Online update and Install Custom distribution.
How to use:
1. Run UMT -> Download Offline Updates.
2. Specify a folder to download updates (Browse).
3. Get a list of updates (Get List).
4. Chose the update & download (Download).
If you copy the link to the clipboard or save to a file , then each update will be two : Adobe uses different names for the register files so that only one of the links will work.
Install Offline Update:
1. Adobe Products Required.
2. Offline download the necessary update . If you want, then extract it to a convenient location.
3. Run UMT -> Install Offline Updates -> Specify the archive automatic update or automatic update installation file and run (Run).
After unpacking, setup will be run standalone installation of automatic update , if specified uncompressed update, will launch the update.
4 . The launcher can be closed.
5 . Enjoy!
Get & Install Online updates :
1. Run UMT -> Get and Install Online Updates.
2. Specify the desired product , product IDs can be found on the links from the FAQ, if you are interested . In principle, can leave as default , this action only indicates the range or scope of application as practice shows AAM generally still.
3. Select language and run the update (Run).
4. Enjoy!
Install custom distributions :
1. Adobe Products Required.
2. Run UMT -> Install Custom Distribution -> Specify the product installation file and run (Run).
3. When choosing a trial version (only for CS5 and CS6), you do not need to add an entry to the host or off the Internet, as well as input Adobe ID is not needed!
4 . Enjoy!
Please Note That
1. The shell is written in the knee , I do not have time to deal with it , so it is subject to errors , do not cry about it .
2 . You can often find a mistake you can not install automatic update in offline mode , depending on the version of the program (ESD distribution ) , so try to trim it yourself and do not splash me in the spinal cord .
3 . If you are not satisfied with something , pass by Wink
- Combining the two types of AAM.
- Added option to change the version of AAM.
- Added ability to set custom distributions CC 2014.
- Added a reference (for the original idea and thanks basis Highlands). There are problems with the displacement of words, glitches Help compiler.
- Added portable mode.
- Fixed mismatch license.
- Fixed save dialog text file.
- Fixed support for high-resolution (HiDPI).
- Fixed silent install mode.
- Updated GUI.
- Updated installer.
- With already downloaded updates in the list of choices is removed.
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