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Active KillDisk allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. Active@ KillDisk uses access to the drives data on a physical level via BIOS bypassing logical drive structure organization, thus it does not matter what operating systems and file systems located on the machine.
Active@ KillDisk FEATURES:
True parallel erasing/wiping of several disks at the same time
User can define custom erase method using hexadecimal (hex) values and specifying the pattern for each pass New!
Universal Boot Disk Creator for CD/USB media for Windows, Linux & DOS targets
Latest Active@ Boot Disk Lite (WinPE-based) & Active@ LiveCD (Linux-based)
Portability provided with settings stored in INI file instead of local registry
Save Log & Shutdown PC option after erase completed
Notifications and reports can be sent by e-mail
Ability to send e-mail reports via pre-configured FREE SMTP account
Certificate can be displayed after erase/wipe completion and saved as PDF
Erase/Wipe Certificate can be customized with a Logo and Technician info
Command line options added to support certificate and log file options
Securely overwrites and destroys all data on physical disks or logical partitions
Erases partitions, logical drives and unused disk space
Supports IDE / ATA / SATA / eSATA / external USB / SCSI hard disk drives
Supports Solid State Drives (SSD), LUN, RAID arrays
Supports fixed disks, USB Flash, Floppies, Zip drives, SanDisk & CompactFlash
Supports large-size disks (more than 2TB) & disks having 4kb sector size
Supports Batch mode (can be run from the Command Line with no user interaction)
Operates from any bootable media: USB disks or bootable CD/DVD/BD discs
Erasing report can be saved as a text file & exported in XML format
Scans NTFS/FAT/exFAT/HFS+/UFS/UDF/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 volumes, displays files & folders
Data verification may be performed after erasing is completed
Built-in Hex Viewer allows you to inspect raw disks sectors and file clusters
Displays detected physical disks and partition information
Wipes out NTFS/FAT/exFAT/HFS+/ExtFs volumes from areas containing deleted and unused data
Wipes out free clusters (clusters not being used by file data)
Wipes out file slack space (unused bytes in the files last cluster)
Wipes out deleted MFT records, Directory entries and other system records
Wipes out unused space in any MFT records and compressed clusters
Support for previewing and wiping Apple HFS+ and exFAT
Whats new in Active@ KillDisk 9.0:
* New Ultimate package includes DOS, Windows, Linux & Console targets
* New Linux packages contain 32-bit & 64-bit Linux & Console targets
* Improved Boot Disk Creator allows to setup command line parameters for KillDisk startup
* Linux Console (text mode) boot disk is now included in Windows package
* Redesigned and improved user interface
* Added option to write fingerprint to the first disk sector
* Comments for the erase session can be added to certificate
* Default logo can be removed from the certificate
* Non-blocking erase mode allows to work in parallel erase/wipe sessions
* Added new Department of Energy erase method (DoE M 205.1-2)
* Added new Canadian CSEC ITSG-06 erase method
* Allowed Hex values for User Defined method
* Allowed to specify ASCII/HEX pattern for each pass in User Defined method
System Requirements:
v Windows 8
v Windows 7
v Windows Vista
v Windows XP
v Windows Server 2000
v Windows XP Professional x64
v Windows XP Home 64 bit
v Windows Server 2003 x64
v Linux
v Unix for PC, etc...