Download key generator for Fuse Universal Character Creator Steam Edition v1.2

Fuse Universal Character Creator Steam Edition v1 2-THH
Want unique characters in your 3D projects? Fuse gives you the ability to create quality 3D characters customizable to the max and easily integrated with your 3D asset pipeline.
Fuse is a data-driven 3D character creation tool that comes with body parts, clothing meshes, and dynamic textures powered by Allegorithmic's Substance technology. You can use Fuse as a standalone character creator and export your characters as OBJ files or upload to Mixamo for easy 3D character rigging and animation.
Massive look improvements with 2K texture maps for higher resolution characters ambient occlusion and Physically Based Rendering for realistic look and shadows
Facial Animation Blendshapes generated upon upload for rigging at Mixamo makes your character Face Plus ready
Virtual Assets allow you to create unlimited character and clothing presets to customize your library and accelerate your workflow
Advanced Skin Substance with 3x number of customization options