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Toontrack - EZdrummer 2 2.0.2 + EXPANSION
Size: 22.01 GB Type: Drum tracks
EZdrummer 2 - raises the process of creation of the drum tracks to a new level! The new version removes any barriers between you and your works, and presents several innovative features for fast and easy composing music. In EZdrummer 2 you can get from the initial rhythmic ideas finished, mixed and ready track impact.
Essentially EZdrummer is the younger brother of the wonderful DFH, which is very widespread in musical circles. The difference is somewhat simplified interface, where there are no unnecessary details, and less voluminous library of sounds. Sound quality programs differ little, although EZDrummer with 16-bit libraries. The program is already well-known scheme. Shell EZdrummer works as a VST plug-in that integrates already in the audio MIDI sequencer, type Logic, Cubase etc
The difference of the given program from the usual sampler library that this tool is a complete integrated solution, i.e. it provides not only sound, but also a special style patterns of the game as prepared MIDI tracks. Furthermore, the user has a sufficiently large field of activity in terms of creating a Studio sound picture, for example, to add the sound of the room in which the taped, to adjust the levels of microphones, removing the sound of drums. This is all very reminiscent of the work of a sound producer at the Studio, which not only uses the sounds of sampler library, and it creates its own picture of the sound of the drums.
Sound library
The description of this program it is advisable to start with the characteristics of sounds, as they are the main link in the whole chain. The library was created at the Studio Avatar Studios in new York. When recording was used real fine tuned drums.
Of course, the recording was made according to all rules of recording drums, using the professional equipment and microphones. This ensures that the sound of drums is the most real, the most realistic.
At the moment, for EZDrummer, in addition to part of the basic package created additional (EZX expansion) library - Latin Percussion, Vintage Rock Brushes / Sticks, Drumkit From Hell.
Brief description of libraries
1) Latin Percussion this library is intended for creation of parties percussion. In it you will find a lot of specific sounds, and special MIDI files, which themselves are of great value, as usual programming parties percussion requires high qualification. In this case all comes down to just pick an interesting pattern that is well suited to specific music. The use of this library covers a wide range of musical styles from jazz to modern electronic music.
2) Vintage Rock Brushes / Sticks - this sound library was created with the purpose to get rich "vintage sound of the old Ludwig drums, on which in due time played the Beatles. The sound is soft "chug" analogue, which is very pleasant to the ear. Naturally, this library is used in appropriate styles where the transmission of the sound.
3) Drumkit From Hell - about this extension EZX should pay attention to all fans of heavy music. The secret is that when creating the library active participation of famous metal guitarist Mattias Eklund. Library recorded in Sweden. In addition to the excellent sound of the drums, it collected specifically for this style MIDI files, for example, an extreme game with two barrels.
So, when you open the program, the user selects the type of installation, that is the main or EZX library and loads it into RAM. On average, the library occupies 180 to 250 MB. But this is not all. You have the ability to create your installation using different disks. For example, instead of standard drums, put the open model of the drum. And so is every installation tool. When clicking on a drum or other instrument installation, you can hear the sound that is convenient for the selection of your own installation. In General, special difficulties when using sound libraries in the program should not be, because EZdrummer very easy to program in communication with the user.
Programming of the parties
Creation of the drum tracks are always regarded as a very tedious and unrewarding. Like it or not, but MIDI "driving" is very different (worse) the sound of a live installation, recorded in the Studio. Besides the fact that when creating the party, we must have the tools (sounds), in this work, one has to know the specifics of the game man. And sometimes it is hard to convey the emotions of the drummer in the MIDI-parties.
EZdrummer in this respect provides unique opportunities, which greatly facilitate the drum programming, which gives the opportunity to get a result even beginners. In fact EZdrummer solves many problems and brings all the work in the audition and selection of necessary files.
Clicking on the button grooves you get to the menu where you can select the necessary riff. To facilitate the search button pre-listen. When enabled, the selected grooves will sound, and in selected sequenced programme pace. If the choice fell on a riff, or a roll (menu has a large number of ready breaks that are in the menu Fill), this file will simply dragged with the mouse in the window sequencer track EZdrummer (Cubase, for example, it will be created automatically). And that's it... Now this MIDI file already in the arrangement. So you can capture the whole batch of songs from beginning to end, including various variations and transitions, including the pace. In contrast to the creation of parties on the audio seelah here we are dealing with MIDI. Therefore, a change of pace does not affect the sound quality.
In programme EZdrummer has a very useful feature humanizer, which adds to the sound of the part of the nuances of the human game. All this light errors, that is, small deviations from strict metronomes grid within the zone.
Mixing installation
After the party is created, the next stage - creating a sound of color. Clicking on the Open button Mixer you get into the mixer window, where you can fine-adjust the sound of each instrument setup.
Each drum can be displayed on its track. This is a very important function for further processing each drum and groups (for example volumes) separately. For example, on the snare, you can give reverberation, and a barrel "hang" the compressor, which will make the sound more assertive. You can also throw the installation of the panorama.
Special attention should be paid to the fader Room. This is a very delicate part of this plug-in, which gives the sound truly live Studio picture. It is worth noting that this is not just reverb, this is the sounding of this room, which was captured and which fully included in the library.
All available library
Indie Folk
Additional information:
In the archive EZDrummer_2 :
In the folder EZdrummer 2 is accordingly himself EZdrummer 2.
In the folder EZX Update are updating of libraries including POP-ROCK
In the folder EZdrummer 2 2.0.1 Update is an update to the plugin itself and for the library.
In the folder EZX 1.5.1 Update nahodylsya updates for three libraries
In the archive EZX :
In the folder EZX are all available extensions for EZdrummer.
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