Download key generator for Mixamo Fuse Universal Character Creator Steam Edition v1.2

Fuse is a data-driven, modular 3D character creation tool that comes packaged with 60+ body parts, 100+ clothing meshes, 42 dynamic texturing substances, and 2 free Auto-Rigs for Fuse characters per week. The new Advanced Character Customization allows you unlimited creativity when crafting your unique character! Workflows are available for Gmod, SFM and Source.
Fuse was developed in collaboration between Mixamo and Vladlen Koltuns research group at Stanford University, with Siddhartha Chaudhuri as chief architect and programmer. With the last beta release, Fuse integrates Allegorithmics Substance technology for a complete character modeling solution. Fuse offers an unprecedented approach to high quality 3D character creation. Users can browse through a vast number of mesh and texture choices to get custom built characters in a matter of minutes.
Key Features:
* Packaged content includes 18 heads, 12 body types, 12 legs, 12 arms, 52 clothing meshes, 18 hair meshes, 20 shoe meshes, and 22 accessories ranging from Generic figures to Zombies and Fantasy styles, and also includes 23 additional parts from The Scout, The Sniper, and The Spy from TF2.
* New - Massive look improvements with 2K skin texture maps for higher resolution characters, ambient occlusion, and Physically Based Rendering for realistic look and shadows.
* New - Facial Animation Blendshapes automatically generates 50 embedded facial blendshapes upon upload for rigging at (FBX format only).
* New - Virtual Assets allow you to create unlimited character and clothing presets to customize your library and accelerate your workflow.
* New - Advanced Skin Substance with 3x number of customization options.
* Advanced Character Customization - Over 280 customization shapes per character.
* Import Custom Content.
* Dynamic character texturing with 42 Smart Texture substances, powered by Allegorithmics Substance technology.
* Excellent topology for project-ready characters, previs, or to use as your base models.
* Export characters as OBJ files with diffuse, normal and specular maps.
* Download autorigged characters from Mixamo as FBX, FBX for Unity, Collada or BVH.
* Animations are provided through paid Mixamo service, with an Basic Locomotion pack and 10 other animations available for free for the users of Fuse.
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space