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EPLAN Pro Panel is a switchgear solution for the 3D engineering of control cabinets and switchgear systems. The software supports the 3D assembly for the fluid and electrical configuration of control cabinets and provides virtual wiring and 3D data for wire assembly and production machinery, in addition to 3D power distribution and copper rail configuration. The software can also generate production data to export to production equipment, such as drilling and wire cutting machines. The EPLAN platform simultaneously connects control configuration with the 3D control cabinet assembly information, providing a consistent data exchange to enhance project quality and accelerate the speed and ease of engineering design.
Safe planning
Whether it is dynamic collision detection or automatic checking of installation rules: EPLAN Pro Panel paves the way for professional 3D layout planning. First, the system shows the devices intended for the assembly construction in navigators or assembly construction list. The EPLAN eTouch technology allows you to align components and position them exactly. Fitting regulations and minimum distances based on manufacturer requirements are taken into consideration, as are the correct positioning of equipment, wiring ducts and support rails.