Download key generator for NewTek LightWave 3D 11.6.3 Build 2737

Lightwave 3D offers modeling, animation, dynamics, volumetric rendering, particle effects and a motion picture quality rendering engine with unlimited render nodes making LightWave the centerpiece of the most cost effective 3D production pipelines in the world.
New techniques for displacement mapping, and support for ZBrush displacements have been added. New shading models, such as Blinn, Oren- Nayar, and Ambient Occlusion now allow for a tremendous versatility for artists no longer bound by the original shading model in previous versions of LightWave 3D. Artists and technicians have more power to access, with the inclusion of the popular Relativity 2 expression system in Lightwave 3D.
Character Animation Enhancements:
- FiberFX: Complete hair and fur solution for all platforms.
- Collada, FBX and OBJ I/O support: Improved compatibility with other applications.
- Enhanced IK and Animation Systems: Provides improved character animation controls.
Lightwave 3D Rendering:
- Radiosity Cache: Unique animated and static caching with size multipliers.
- Photoreal Motion Blur: Artifact-free live action blur as if photographed with film
- New anti-aliasing methods: Greater control for balancing quality with render speed.
- New global illumination and radiosity: Easily create photorealistic scenes, sharacters and products while simulating the effect of real-world lighting in photography.
- Progressive previews for global illumination: Provide immediate feedback
- Implementation of state-of-the-art BSP/KD Tree Algorithm: Provides much faster and more efficient raytracing; bigger scenes render a lot faster.
- Improved multi-threading with dynamic segmentation: Insures maximum use of available CPUs, optimizing render times.
Adaptive Pixel Subdivision:
- Adaptive subdivision of a mesh based upon distance from the camera and visibility: Allows for effective use of system resources for workflow viewing versus rendering.
- APS Choice: Per Object, Per Polygon and Per Pixel: Provides the widest range of flexibility.
Advanced Camera Tools:
- RealLens Camera: Physically correct cameras allow recreation of any real-world camera lens for matching footage rendered in LightWave to real-world photography. (a must for compositing CGI and real footage together)
- Improved editing performance: Create and edit your models and meshes faster than ever before.
- New screen drawing system in OpenGL: See the results of your changes faster than ever before.
- Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces: Expand and simplify the modling workflow by widening subdivision capabilities to include edges, edge weighting and n-gons.
Some of the new features and enhancements in Lightwave 3D 11.6 include:
- 3D Printing Support. Import / Export of industry standard 3D printing file formats STL, PLY, and VRML. Also features new geometry cleanup tools
- Spline Control. The powerful new Spline Control allows the animation of snakes, trains, tails or anything that requires a natural fluid movement
- Raycast Node. Make your objects aware of their surroundings with the new Raycast node
- DPX Support. Support for DPX digital intermediate file format which enables direct loading as background plates for visual effects and film pipelines
- CgFX Shaders. CgFX shaders enahance Layout OpenGL quality for realtime playback of assets and characters and strenghthen the workflow for Virtual Production Asset Creation
- Compound Node. The node editor sees the introduction of compound nodes, making it simpler to package up complex flows into as easier to use nodes
- NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 / Pro. Stereoscopic renders can now be displayed in Active Shutter mode on 3D monitors (with appropriate hardware)
- Alembic Object / Cache Loader. Import objects and their caches saved in Alembic format
- Python Improvements. Python scripting in LightWave 11.6 has been enhanced requiring less scripting needed to achieve the same results in previous versions
- New Color Picker. A fully featured color picker dedicated for 3D artists, quite simply the best color picker in any 3D application, period
- Stereo Camera Offsets. The Stereoscopic effect can now be animated from either the Center Eye, Left Eye or Right Eye
- Surface Baker Camera. The Surface Baking Camera recieves a boost in speed by taking advantage of multiple processor cores
- VPR Interaction Speed. 11.6 sees a huge boost in the interaction speed when working in Layout with VPR active
- Motion Vectors for Instances. Instances now contribute to the Motion Vector buffers