Download key generator for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 v17.2.0.688

With a fresh look, new must-have tools and major feature enhancements, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 opens up a world of new creative possibilities. We've designed several new workspaces that reflect your natural workflow, so that everything is right where you need it, when you need it. Whether you're creating graphics and layouts, editing photos or designing websites, this complete suite of graphic design software helps you design your way.
Get up and running easily
From concept to production, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 helps you work in style. Get started right away with the new Quick Start option. Plus, with thousands of high-quality images, fonts, templates, clipart and fills included, you'll be creating beautiful designs for print and web in no time.
Work faster and more efficiently
With the newly redesigned, completely customizable interface, you choose your workspace based on your skill level, so everything is tailored exactly to your needs. You can also set your workspace to look like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, making it an easy switch for former Creative Suite users.
Design with creativity and confidence
Whether you're creating logos, newsletters, web graphics, billboards, car wraps or something completely new, we've got you covered with a complete set of versatile graphic design and photo-editing tools. New advanced fill and transparency options give you total control over the look of your projectsthe sky's the limit to what you can do with patterns!
Share and expand your experience
We've included tons of learning materials to help you get familiar with CorelDRAW and all its exciting new features. Keep your designs fresh with new community-generated content available through the integrated Content Exchange, where you can share vector, bitmap and fountain fills. Get inspired, showcase your handiwork and upvote the ones you like best.
Graphic design software
- Vector illustration & page layout
- Versatile drawing and tracing tools
- Professional photo editing
- Easy website design
System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), all with latest service packs installed
- Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64
- 2 GB RAM
- 1 GB hard disk space (for installation without content)
- Mouse, tablet or multi-touch screen
- 1280 x 768 screen resolution
- DVD drive (required for box installation)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
- Internet connection required for Membership and Subscription services, installing updates and access to some features, including the Content Exchange, QR code tools and ConceptShare
New and enhanced features
CorelDRAW Premium Members can take advantage of the following new features:
- Hiding objects: CorelDRAW allows you to hide objects and groups of objects, helping you edit objects in complex projects and experiment with your designs more easily.
- Retouching with the Healing Clone tool: The new Healing Clone tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT lets you fix imperfections seamlessly by painting with sampled texture that matches the color of the surrounding area. Whether you want to remove a blemish, scar, or unwanted spot, you can accomplish your task with ease.
- Preparing images for canvas printing: The new Prep and Stretch docker in Corel PHOTO-PAINT lets you prepare your photos and images for canvas printing in three easy steps. By resizing, fine-tuning, and stretching the image, you can achieve the perfect composition for your wall art.
- Custom desktop color: You can change the color of the desktop, the area surrounding the drawing page in CorelDRAW or the image in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, to suit your documents.
The following enhancements are available to all CorelDRAW members:
- Enhanced node selection: You can now select adjacent nodes on curves by using the Shape tool while holding down Shift.
- Copying curve segments: CorelDRAW lets you copy and cut curve segments, and then paste them as objects, making it easy to extract subpaths or create adjacent shapes with similar contours.
- Opening documents in floating windows: When you open documents in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, by default they are displayed in tabbed view. You can now customize the application so that documents are opened in floating windows.
- Custom window border color: You can customize Corel CONNECT by changing the color of its borders.
- Addition to Insights from the Experts: The Insights from the Experts series features the updated tutorial Anatomy of a Salmon Fly by Aleksy Pawluczuk. This tutorial takes you through the creation of a salmon fly pattern, giving you useful tips on how to draw and shape curves, apply fills, blend objects, and more.
Performance and stability
The following areas feature performance and stability improvements (formerly released in service packs).
- Changing the drawing scale in a custom box added to the user interface (UI) no longer causes instability in CorelDRAW.
- Grid values set in millimeters are preserved.
- Text in SVG files that originated from CGM files is now displayed accurately in Google Chrome.
You can convert DWG files to CDR files.
- PDF files that contain CCITT fax compression on images within PDF can now be opened.
- PowerClip content is no longer centered when objects are overlapping.
Object linking and embedding (OLE)
- The appearance of linked objects is maintained in files exported with CorelDRAW.
- When working with the Imposition Layout tool in Print Preview, you can now use the Edit Margins option.
- You can use the Scale Factor and Lock controls in Print Preview.
- You can add text to tables that have 0-value margins.
- In French text, extra space is no longer added after an apostrophe.
- When you convert to curves text that has different fill colors, all colors are preserved.
- CorelDRAW no longer generates a font substitution message for fonts that are installed on your computer.
- You can use modifier keys with the Bzier tool and the Pen tool to create straight line segments.
- When using the B-Spline tool, you can now press Esc to cancel the curve, and Enter to end the curve.
- The Crop tool now works as expected on bitmaps.
- Accessing the Palette property of the Document class no longer produces an error.
- Saving projects to earlier versions of CorelDRAW no longer converts the text to curves.
Workspaces and customization
- You can now drag and drop CDR, CPT, and JPEG files in the application window even after changing the On startup option (Tools > Options) from Welcome Screen to Nothing.