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IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Soud Content HYBRID-R2R
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The SampleTank 3 interface is divided into 3 main environments for layering, mixing and editing sounds and grooves. Weve taken the main aspects of the music production workflow and separated them into 3 main functional environments: the Play interface, the Mix interface and the Edit interface.
The PLAY page will be immediately familiar to SampleTank users: On the left is the browser where you load Multis (previously known as Combis), Instruments and Patterns. On the right is the Part Viewer where you can see the contents of each Part and adjust its most basic parameters.
SampleTank 3 lets you load multiple MIDI patterns in each Part. Now you can build inspiring grooves directly within the software and play them at will. The new Live tab lets you bring SampleTank 3 on stage with you easier by giving you a clean way to organize your performances by set lists and Song, letting you have your sounds ready to play instantly with its smart loading management system.
The MIX page provides a traditional mixer interface with 5 effects slots for each channel. There are 21 channels in all: 16 channels for each Part, 4 returns for global send effects (like reverb and delay) and a master channel. This arrangement lets you get extremely creative you can have up to 30 effects on a single instrument!
The EDIT page provides full access to SampleTank 3s powerful synthesizer engine. There you can run your samples through everything from envelopes to LFOs to filters And speaking of filters, SampleTank 3 features 10 new filter types for extreme sonic sculpting.
Over 33 GB of included sounds
Over 4,000 new instruments with 21 instrument categories covering the entire span of acoustic, electric and electronic sounds
Over 2,500 drum, percussion and full construction-kit loops played by world-renowned artists
Over 2,000 MIDI files in all categories