Download key generator for Centrafuse 4.4.7 Build 511

Centrafuse is a framework that allows software engineers working in C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, .NET and Flash ActionScript to rapidly create touch-friendly, voice-enabled and remote-controlled applications for in-vehicle infotainment solutions.
These applications "plug-in" to our Centrafuse runtime engine and leverage existing technology, while extending and customizing the feature offering. Developers can take applications from rapid-prototyping to shrink-wrap in a fraction of the time normally required, allowing customers to extend their product offering and additional revenue opportunities while avoiding time consuming and costly rebuilds for every new deployment.
Open Development Interfaces
An extensible, modular runtime environment with a plug-in based architecture that easily accommodates specific customization demands and additional product features. Centrafuse Core is comprised of Universal Core APIs for:
- GPS Navigation
- Voice Recognition
- Bluetooth Handsfree
- Text-To-Speech
- Web Browsers
- Hardware Components (radios, audio devices)
Intelligent Convergence
The Centrafuse Core is a true convergence platform that allows various applications, native and 3rd-party alike, to communicate and interact contextually with one another and be managed through one common user experience.
The HMI Platform & CentrafuseML
CentrafuseML is our very own optimized, CSS-style XML format that allows our customers to build completely independent HMI designs for different deployments on the same code base, without the need to recompile.
Build Once Deploy Everywhere
Our development toolkit and active 3rd-party development community allow Centrafuse to be infinitely scalable. Build your own additional features, own your own internally-developed IP and utilize existing in-house resources to rapidly build your own class-leading IVI system.
Your Brand, Not Ours
Centrafuse offers Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs the ability to offer their customers a class-leading HMI solution, powered by an open development toolkit that offers flexibility and scalability with/or without internal resourcesall of this with a proven product and an unparalleled time-to-market advantage.
Supported OS: Windows Embedded, Windows CE, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.