Download key generator for MTop HTML Password Lock 5.5

HTML Password Lock - a program for those who want to restrict access to pages or entire site with a password. Page access will be allowed only if the correct password. Supports 2 types of authentication: a password or using your login and password. In addition, HTML Password Lock allows you to block using the right mouse button on your pages, as well as highlighting and copying pieces of text.
Manage more than 1000 users/passwords.
Manage a single password or multiple passwords.
Enhanced user information management, such as email, full name and additional notes.
Generate random password and random user/password series.
Support password protection of HTML, ASP pages and PHP pages.
Works with all kinds of web hosting servers and HTML editors.
Works with all modern web browsers, no additional browser extension software is needed.
Supports all kinds of hosting servers, no CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB or any special web software is needed.
Support publish your protected web pages on CD, DVD or any other media.
Works with all kinds of popular HTML editors.
Support restore from backup files.
Support customize login page style.
Support error page: redirect the visitor to this page if password is incorrect.
Disable right mouse click.
Disable text selection.
Disable links display in status bar.
Disable page printing.
Disable off-line page viewing.
Support referrer domain check.
OS : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server and Windows 7/8
Language : English