Download key generator for IVONA Text-to-Speech and Reader 1.6.63 All voices

IVONA Software Company is the absolute leader in the field of speech technology . From this we can conclude that the quality products IVONA utterly surpasses all counterparts. IVONA voices on the creation of a professional voice talent working .
Allows the computer to read any text aloud to you. Can read documents, news , RSS, books, web pages and emails. It is possible to store the text in the form of mp3 tracks , and thus the resulting use as an audiobook . With KMPlayer, which can read aloud the subtitles , you can watch a movie without being distracted look on reading subtitles [ How to start reading subtitle KMPlayer voice synthesizer ] . IVONA voices have a natural sound and good pronunciation of speech , which can be useful for those who study languages ??. Classy engines support SAPI5 and run in compatibility with external applications (for example , Apple Itunes, Skype).
System requirements :
PC, Intel Pentium 1 GHz processor, 512 MB ??RAM, Windows XP/Vista/7, sound card, disk space: IVONA Reader 40 MB, IVONA Voices 60 - 420 Mb for each voice .