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Thief RELOADED Master Thief Pack Languages Pack (PC-Multi8-2014)
Genre: Action
Developed by Eidos Montreal, we have to Deus Ex: Human Revolution , Thief marks the return of the thief created by Looking Glass on the gaming scene .
The game was announced for the first time in 2009, with the title of Thief 4 , but they were untraceable until 2013 , apart from some rumor never confirmed.
The protagonist is always Garrett, who still acts in a medieval steampunk setting as in the previous chapters , however, heavily revised compared to the past . Our preferred if the thief will have to do with a plague that struck the city in which they live and with a tyrant called the Baron . Obviously there are thefts and to fulfill quests to complete in order to get money with which to buy new equipment .
MASTER THIEF EDITION : The ' Archive contains
Digital Artbook : Discover the preparatory drawings official digital version of the game and dive into the dark world of Thief .
DLCs Bonus resources :
- The Bank Heist DLC
- The Forsaken - Challenge Map DLC
- Booster Pack - Opportunist DLC , DLC Predator , Ghost DLC
Package Opportunist :
- Strengthening of the quiver : Increases the maximum number of arrows.
- Poison arrows .
- Poppies.
- Coins .
Digital Soundtrack : An exceptional collection of songs Thief .
. : Screenshots of the game .
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Requirements: .
System Requirements
Minimum :
OS : Windows Vista platform update for Windows Vista
Processor : Processor high performance Dual Core or Quad Core
Memory : 4 GB RAM
Graphics : AMD Radeon 4800 / Nvidia GTS 250
DirectX : Version 10
Hard Drive : 20 GB available space
Recommended :
OS : Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: AMD FX 8000 or higher / Intel Quad Core i7
Memory : 4 GB RAM
Graphics : AMD Radeon HD R9 or higher / Nvidia GTX 660 or higher
DirectX : Version 11
Hard Drive : 20 GB available space
. : Notes intallation : .
1.Monta or burn
2.Installa the game and copy the contents of the crack in the game folder
3.Se install the DLCs pack remember to copy the CRACK GAME directory and redo the step 9.
- To Have the Language ITALIAN -
8 . Extract the languages ??pack and move in in the directory of the game ( After uploading the files if required)
9 . Remember: To change the language open ( as ADMIN ) the file using Notepad or ThiefBinariesWin64 Win32steam_api.ini and changes in Inglese Language = Language = english
1 . Unrar .
2 . Burn or mount the image .
3 . Install the game .
4 . Copy over the cracked content from the / Crack directory on the image to
your game install directory.
5 . Play the game .
6 . Support the software developers. If you like this game , BUY IT!
PS: x64 included as well , change your shortcut or click the exe accordingly .
If you Install the DLCs PACK please REPEAT STEP 4 and STEP 9 if need it .
- For Language have DIFFERENT from Inglese -
8 . Extract Languages ??Pack in GAME FOLDER and MOVE Content
9 . Now Open using NOTEPAD (as ADMIN ) or Win32steam_api.ini ThiefBinariesWin64 file and change value in Inglese Language = Language = yourlanguage
(All below links are interchangable. No password)