Download key generator for Might and Magic X Legacy Update 1-RELOADED

Might and Magic X Legacy Update 1-RELOADED
Genre: RPG
We try to keep the number of large sized update releases to a minimum. This one fixes a significant amount of bugs. You'll be seeing more of these with the trend of games being released in a pre-beta state
Check the included .txt file for a list of what's fixed. Sample of what has been added:
o New Content:
3 new dungeons:
Exclusive Dream Dungeon
Community Dungeon
Limbo Dungeon
o Changes
16:10 resolutions are now available with UI accordingly updated Hint for texture details option is added in game (it still only configurable in the main menu)
Asian language fonts are now only loaded if needed (memory improvement)
Reduced the amount of path-finding calculations per monster each turn
(caused performance issues on certain places in the world map)
1. Unrar
2. Install the the update to where you installed the game
3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory to where you
4. Play the game
5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!