Download key generator for Accessory Software File Viewer 9.5

Accessory Software File Viewer is a disk utility program that helps you find and display files of common file formats for Microsoft Windows. If you are looking for a file, and you do not know the name of the file, but you know it is a document or picture or spread sheet, the File Viewer can help you find the file. You can also print many of the displayed files and send nearly all files over the internet using the windows message API function. The File Viewer contains the Microsoft Multimedia player component, so you can play Video Files (AVI,MPG,MOV) and music files such as MP3,MIDI, and M3U. Separate Play Lists are included for Video and Audio Files. Files over the local area Network can be found and viewed if security permits.
JPEG and JPEG 2000 (JPG, J2K andJP2)
BMP Formats (BMP)
Icons and Cursors (ICO,CUR)
PCX Formats (PCX, DCX)
Kodak Formats (PCD And FPX)
Microsoft Fax Format (AWD)
Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)
Windows MetaFile Formats (WMF and EMF)
Raw Fax Format (FAX)
XPicMap (XPM)
Microsoft Photo Format (WMD)
Portable Bitmap Utilities (PBM)
Dr.Halo (CUT)
Photoshop 3.0 Format (PSD)
Truevision TARGA Format (TGA)
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
Portable Network Graphics Format (PNG)
SUN Raster Format (RAS,SUN)
WorkPerfect Format (WPG)
Macintosh Pict Format (PCT)
Microsoft Windows Clipboard (CLP)
X Window Dump (XWD)
Flic Animation (FLC)
Windows Animated Cursor (ANI)
Silicon Graphics Image (SGI)
Wave Files (WAV)
Music Files (MP3)
Portable Bitmap (PPM,PXM,MTV,AVS,PGM)
Database Files (Paradox - DB, DBase - DBF, Access - MDB, Excel - XLS)
Zip/Cab Files (*.Zip/*.Cab)
Most of these files can be displayed and printed by the File Viewer program. All files can be collected from any location and automatically compressed in Zip File format. This can be sent and received over the internet.
File Viewer performs many functions which are very resource intensive. Combining Database views with Image view and editing, and running E-Mail may use more memory than your computer can handle. You must have at least 128 Mb of RAM for the program to run. If you have 256 Mb or greater, memory problems using File Viewer should be minimal. Loading too many pictures can cause you to stay on one window, not being able to access the viewing window. Just Cancel the viewing window to free memory. Running E-Mail uses many of system resources particularly during Dial Up. If you are using cable or DSL, you should not see any problem. It is more efficient, and avoids problems to sign on to the internet when you are using a Dialup connection, before sending and receiving E-Mail. Rebooting your computer will correct any memory problems you may run into using File Viewer.