Download key generator for Visual MP3 Splitter and Joiner 8.2 Build 85

Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a small, handy, and extremely fast utility for cutting and combining your MP3 and WAV files. It allows you to split a continuous recording using silence detection, or just cut it in a number of equal parts, or extract some part by setting time boundaries either directly, or by selecting the needed part on the waveform. It is possible to create a CUE file, which is useful for burning Audio CDs. You can also join a number of audio files in a desired order.
Actually it is two tools inside one program, which gives you full control over content of your audio files. With Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner you can prepare jokes by cutting and combining completely different sayings of your friends. You can also do serious things, like organizing your audio books. It's up to you.
Suppose that you have an album of your favorite band in a single file, and you want to get easy access to each song. Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a right tool for it. It can detect pauses between songs in a few seconds. All you would need to do is to click "Split" button. The result will be there in virtually no time.
"Is it good for my files?" you may ask. "Maybe I should prefer some tool that a bit slower, because I want to preserve the quality of my files."
The funny thing about it is that Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner has absolutely no impact on quality. Please visit "How It Works" section to read about internal mechanics of the program.
But there is even more to it. You can leave your large file untouched and yet get easy access to different tracks. Please read the corresponding section for more information.
The program allows you to:
Split MP3 and WAV files by a number of equal parts, by size, by duration.
Split WMA files.
Split an audio file using pauses.
Set boundaries for parts to extract either by time or directly on the waveform of the file (visual splitting).
Split MP3 in one click. Just set split points and click "Split"!
Save a CUE sheet to preserve information about parts, load information about parts from a CUE sheet.
Save meta information (ID3 data) like title, artist, album etc. inside output files.
Split multiple audio files at once.
Pre-listen parts with built-in media player.
Join MP3 and WAV files in any succession.
Join WMA files.
Use Drag&Drop for easy editing.
Use hot keys.
Enjoy intuitive multilingual interface.