Download key generator for City Navigator North America NT 2014.40

Description: Includes coverage of the U.S. , Canada and Mexico , including Puerto Rico , U.S. Virgin Islands , the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas . Also contains new additional coverage of French Guiana , Guadeloupe , Martinique and Saint Barthelemy .
Provides over 6.5 million points of interest , including hotels, restaurants , parking , entertainment , fuel and shopping.
Includes highways, interstate , and business and residential roads in urban and rural areas .
Includes turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories .
Gives turn-by- turn directions.
Includes postal code support for Canada.
Contains traffic data for compatible devices with traffic receivers .
Street names (eg "Turn right on Main Street . " ) .
(DVD only ) Includes software that lets you plan trips and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and the device. NOTE: Not all devices are compatible with routing.
On the cover
Features detailed maps of U.S. , Canada and Mexico , as well as Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands , Bahamas , French Guiana , Guadeloupe , Martinique, Saint Barthelemy and Jamaica.
Extras. Information : Unlocked img file.
Unlocked gmap folder.
Unlocked portable Mapsource.
Additions files.
Release Date : 2014
Version: 2014.40
Developer : Garmin
Developer website :
Language: English
Key: Not required. ( Map unlocked )
System requirements : Browsers Garmin.
Coverage Area : North America.
FID: 3187