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SimLab Soft has announced the release of SimLab Composer 2014, a 3D scene building, rendering, sharing, and animation application. SimLab Composer brings all the tools needed to make a 3D scene from existing models with unique tools like snap to object and snap to ground to make building 3D scenes intuitive and fast.
SimLab Composer maintains the assembly structure of imported 3D models. This enables users to select the level to work on (face, body, part, subassembly or assembly). If the user imports models without any texture coordinates, SimLab Composer has the needed tools to generate them. In the new version of SimLab Composer, SimLab Soft introduced a new real time renderer called SimLab RT Renderer. The new renderer can produce top quality rendered images, for interior and exterior scenes FAST. The system now supports mesh light element, and Clary Rendering mode and it's fully integrated with SimLab Composer.
Between the new features inside SimLab Composer 2014 belongs also a new Advanced Scene States and Revolutionary interactive 3D PDF. From this moment SimLab Composer scene states can include specific models' properties allowing the user to include Material properties in one state, and Camera in another. Object Attributes can be created in SimLab Composer and exported to 3D PDF to describe geometry. 3D PDF can now include user info, and the Open Model Tree after export is also added, and so much more. Next to new features and bug fixes, lots of improvements on the existing tools were made. The improved ImportExport functions allow the user importing 3D models from SoildWorks 2013, AutoDesk 2014, DWG 2013, SketchUp2013, and Maya 2014 and have an improved DWF importer. Collada exporter has also been updated.
List of new features in SimLab Composer 2014 SP1:
- New dark interface
The new optional dark interface will allow the user to focus on the 3D model she/he is working on. This new interface is accessable from SimLab Composer preferences.
- SimLab CAD Viewer
SimLab CAD Viewer on iPad. iPhone, and Android, was upgraded to support the Following: Better navigation for archetictural models, Supporting templates and backgrounds, Supporting smart simlab actions, Secure file option to protected 3D assets, Support for the new iOS7.
- New Features in SimLab Real time renderer
With SimLab Composer 2014 SP1, the user can assign texture maps for light emitter materials, can blend color and texture on all materials, and will be able to assign textures for glass materials.
- Cutting by a section plane
SimLab Composer 2014 SP1 will allow the user to cut selected geometries by the active section plane, this feature will allow designers to do cutting to create advanced renders showing the interior beauty of their models
- Adding support for Space Navigator
The user will be able to use a space navigator to fly through 3D models in SimLab Composer, navigator will be supported in OpenGL and Real time rendering modes
- Rendering settings redesigned
The new rendering settings dock widget was designed to unleash the power of real time rendering. The user will be able to view existing HDR images, and to change rendering parameters while real time rendering is working.
Automatic reflection of user's choices will allow the user to experiment with rendering settings to create the best rendered image.
- User dragger to set sun orientation
With SimLab Composer 2014 SP1, you will be able to place the sun in the desired location using an interactive dragger, to create the perfect render of your exterior or interior scene.
About Simlab Soft
Since Simlab Soft was founded in 2007, it's mission was clearly defined to develop state-of-the-art 3D software products that are both fun and easy to use.
SimLab does its best to make sure that it always provides the right 3D tools. We want to make sure you enjoy utilizing our tools, that they help you to succeed, accomplish great results fast, and within budget.
Known for our wide range of powerful 3D importers and exporters, used in multiple commercial 3D products, and our worldwide base of 3D partners who we helped to bring their 3D ambitions into reality through professional consultation, we believe the secret of our success is pretty simple: we think partners, not clients. Our partners' success is our goal, and we take it personally.
Name: Simlab Composer
Version: 2014 SP1 Animation Edtition
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 784.5 mb