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A program for reading and listening to text, books and documents using the SAPI5 voices. It enables saving text as MP3 files, creating audio books, watching films with a voice-over, and more.
Ivona ReaderThe text reader allows your computer to read any text aloud to you. It can read documents, news, RSS, books, web pages and emails. Natural speech sound and top-notch quality voices support SAPI5 and run in compatibility with external applications.
IVONA MiniReaderA useful and simple text reader for reading and listening to texts selected in any applications.
IVONA TTSIVONA TTS speaks several languages with male and female voices having 22kHz radio quality. It can be a computer reader who reads documents, websites, presentations and subtitles. You can successfully use it also in professional solutions for voice-over in mobile and electronic devices, telecoms and announcing systems, advertising and multimedia materials or websites.
IVONA Voices 2IVONA Voices support SAPI5 and are compatible with external applications. They include IVONA MiniReader, a handy, compact product for reading and listening to text in any application.
IVONA Voices 2 - Languages Packages
American English (Salli - female - Q3 2011, Ivy - child - Q3 2011, Chipmunk - male - Q1 2011, Kimberly - female - Q4 2010, Kendra - female - Q2 2010, Joey - male - Q2 2010, Eric - male - Q4 2008, Jennifer - female - 2007)
Australian English (Russell - male - Q3 2012, Nicole - female - Q4 2011)
British English (Emma - female - Q4 2010, Amy - female - Q4 2009, Brian - male - Q4 2009)
Welsh English (Gwyneth - female - Q3 2011, Geraint - male - Q3 2011)
French (C?line - female - Q2 2011, Mathieu - male - Q2 2011)- Canadian French (Chantal - female - Q1 2012)
German (Marlene - female - Q2 2011, Hans - male - Q2 2011)
Italian (Carla - female - Q3 2012, Giorgio - male - Q1 2012)
Portuguese (Vit?ria - female - Q1 2012, Ricardo - male - Q1 2012)
Castilian Spanish (Pen?lope - female - Q2 2011, Miguel - male - Q2 2011)- American Spanish (Conchita - female - Q2 2011, Enrique - male - Q2 2011) 28
About IVONA Software
IVONA Software develops and delivers speech synthesis solutions that lead the TTS market in natural voice quality, accuracy, and ease of use. Our products incorporate innovative, leading-edge technologies and customer-driven enhancements that continue to earn awards and recognition by leading industry analysts and organizations, including the annual Blizzard Challenge and ASRNews Speech Accuracy Study.
IVONA Rapid Voice Development IVO Software was established in 2001 by Lukasz Osowski and Michal Kaszczuk, fellow graduates of the Gdansk University of Technology, who continue their leadership roles today. In 2011, they changed the company name to IVONA Software, its admired and recognized market brand.
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