Download key generator for Bass Gorilla - Neuro Bass Mastery 4

This is by far the most advanced sound design course available to you anywhere on how to make a wide range of the kinds of bass sounds that you typically hear in neurohop and neurofunk drum and bass.
You?ll discover exactly how Disprove, Culprate, Ordure, Kursa and Skope design some of their basses in this 54 part series.
Making real neuro sounds is all about understanding each step there is behind a sound, and that?s exactly what BassGorilla did such an awesome job with in this neuro course! It?s complete ? each processing technique is perfectly explained. You?ll learn how to create tons of sounds, and not only how to layer them but also how to make them sound good in your mix, which is really important. Definitely worth the price if you want to master those crazy neuro sounds!