Download key generator for Avid Media Composer 7.0.3 and NewsCutter 11.0.3

"The stability and reliability of Media Composer allows us to deliver challenging films like The Hobbit on a tight schedule
and know the system wont let us down." (Jabez Olssen Editor, The Hobbit trilogy)
Avid announced new versions of its flagship video editing systemsMedia Composer version 7.0.3 and NewsCutter version 11.0.3.
Building upon more than 20 years of product innovation and commitment to its professional users, these industry-leading professional editing systems today deliver new levels of openness, performance, collaboration and productivityenabling independent professionals, post-production houses, broadcasters and all media companies to get their work done faster, work together on projects more effectively and reduce costs through greater productivity.
New in Avid Media Composer 7.0.3 and NewsCutter 11.0.3
- Windows 8.1 is approved as Operating System for Media Composer 7.0.3. But no need to worry, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are still supported!
- To help organize the effects in the Effects Palette, the video and audio effects are now displayed under the applicable tab. To access video effects, click the Video tab in the Effect Palette. To access the audio effects, click the Audio tab.
- Use frame blending in Motion Adapters: When clips of a different frame rate than the sequence are dropped on the Timeline, a motion adapter is automatically applied. Motion Adapter effects allow mixed rate clips to play at the projects frame rate and to have the correct field motion.
- The frame blending setting will give you some flexibility with mixed-rate media by offering a choice between temporal smoothness and spatial smoothness. It controls whether or not any new motion adapters use the Blended Interpolated render option.
- When this option is selected, the Blended Interpolated mode is used. The behavior is the same as previous versions of Media Composer, and uses Blended Interpolated for most motion adapters. When it is not selected, the Interpolated Field mode is used for interlaced clips, and Both Fields mode is used for progressive clips.
- The Nvidia Drivers supported with this release are:
320.78 for use with Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.
331.65 for use with Windows 8.1 systems.
- The following shortcuts have been added when working with Spanned Markers in Media Composer 7.0.3:
Alt+ Mark Markers button: If within a spanned marker, markers are applied to the spanned markers range.
Shift + Alt + Mark Markers button: (NewsCutter only) If within a spanned marker, audio markers are applied to the spanned markers range.
- Previously, Sound TC was only supported at SD video rates (25 or 30). Historically, sound recording devices generally worked at 30 or 25 based timecode. Now that most 23 or 24 rate production uses 24 based timecode we have added support for this timecode rate for 23 or 24 based projects. There are two main ways to enter Sound TC into the editing application: ALE import and manual bin entry.
- When files are placed in a Dynamic Media Folder, you will see a progress indicator in the Timeline that indicates the progress of the background progress. The icon colors have been updated.
- New Proxy Video Resolutions have been added for importing or transcoding media in MC 7.0.3 . These were already available in ISIS/Interplay environments, but are now also available within Media Composer stand-alone licenses. The proxy resolutions are available for all media creation except Capture.
- A new Link To Effects Mixdown export setting allows you to mix down both audio and video effects so that the exported AAF references only master clips. This might be useful for workflows with third party applications want to link to the exportedAAF media for further encoding.
- The responsiveness of the Avid Artist Color Controller has been improved with this editing application release.
Fixed in 7.0.3 and 11.0.3
The following were fixed in Media Composer v7.0.3 and NewsCutter v11.0.3.
? Bug Number: UDevC00182424. Rendering imported media with effects such as AniMatte,
Scrolling titles, paint effects, resulted in corrupted media.
? Bug Number: UDevC00180521. The responsiveness of the Avid Artist Color Controller has
been improved with this editing application release.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181287. When both Segment Mode ad Extract Smart Tools are active,
in some instances dragging a clip would start in one mode and change to the other mode before
the drag was complete.
? Bug Number: UDevC00182627. Performing a Perf Slip on an AMA linked Auto-Sync sub-clip
that contained motion, spatial, or color adapters resulted in an Only subclips can be slipped by
perforation error message.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181932. If your sequence contained audio, sometimes you could not
perform a redo after performing an undo operation.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181905. Clips that have had their color space changed in the source
settings did not play in Quad Split source view.
? Bug Number: UDevC00182064. In some instances, you could not render effects that had been
added to a decomposed sequence.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181631. Some column headings were cleared after performing an ALE
import with Merge events with known masterclips selected in the Import Settings.
? Bug Number: UDevC00178812. (Marketplace) The editing application might freeze after
selecting the AMA Plug-ins tab for a second time.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181149. Reverse Match Frame was not working properly. In Film
projects with perf slip, performing a reverse match frame on a sequence in the Record monitor
with audio tracks enabled and a sub-clip in the Source monitor, resulted in the blue position bar
going past the end of the sub-clip.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181075. Anymix Pro and Waves Panner Plug-ins did not appear in the
RTAS menu.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181114. (Title Tool - Mac Only) A shadow layer might have appeared
on video after adding a rolling title.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181911. You might have received crashes or segmentation faults
intermittently when changing the name of a sequence.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181538. When connected to Black Magic I/O, you would receive
acquisition errors when switching to the Title Tool and then back to the editing application.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181079. On keyboards without a numeric keypad, pressing the Ctrl key
twice quickly, then pressing Shift and the + key and entering a value and pressing enter did not
move the Timeline position bar.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181078. The numeric entry box would disappear if you pressed the f
? Bug Number: UDevC00181326. In some instances, when comparing imported BWAV files to
AMA linked BWAV files, there was a discrepancy in the FPS and Duration columns.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181709. Performing an AMA link to a file of a different project rate did
not warn the user of the frame mismatch. Any mismatch between the project rate and the files
internal rate will be reported in the console, along with the details of how the start time was
? Bug Number: UDevC00181681. In some instances, AMA linked Sound Devices BWAV clips
were 3 frames longer than expected.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181697. In some instances, AMA linked Sound Devices BWAV clips
cut into sequences were too short.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181700. AMA linked BWAV clips timecode might have drifted over
? Bug Number: UDevC00181771. When in Effect mode, adding a 3D Warp might have resulted
in Effect Analysis appearing in the Source Monitor. If you then pressed Command + Y, the
editing application might have crashed.
? Bug Number: UDevC00181734. The Circled bin heading was not available when AMA
linking to BWAV using the WaveAIFF AMA plug-in.
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