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Autodesk Shape Modeling 2014 Plug-in for Rhino 5 x64bit Win
Autodesk Shape Modeling Plug-In for Rhino allows real-time analysis, creation and modification of automotive Class A-surfaces.
This plug-in is fully integrated in the 3D graphics of Rhino (version 5, 64bit) and contains functionality to easily create and modify "Class A" shapes, including:
Simple and fast control point modeling with numerous additional options
Curve and surface matching functionality up to G3 ("Flow")
Blend and Multiblend functionality up to G3 ("Flow")
Graphical handles for easy modification of the created geometry
Integrated analyses in almost all functions to evaluate the resulting geometry
Quick user-controlled surface creation on polygon meshes
Curve sketching functionality
Curve and surface approximation to simplify the geometry
All analyses can be saved across sessions in the Rhino-3DM-file.
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