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A large range of CAD manufacturers has put new versions on the market this year. Besides ArchiCad 17, Vectorworks 2014 and AutoCad Architecture 2014 have been released. Now, Nemetschek follows and places Allplan 2014 on the market.
Allplan has removed many of the small annoying flaws and, in doing so, taken into account a great deal of costumer wishes and remarks. Stumbling blocks have been removed, which were better solved by competitors since years. And there have been built in some great new features like, for example, the extrusion function in the 3D mode.
Allplan is on the right way. Even if Allplan might not actually be the CAD solution for architects and construction engineers that is the easiest to operate, it is still one of the most comprehensive on the market.
- Support of IFC reinforcement
To improve transfer of reinforcement data, the certified IFC interface has been enhanced so that you can now also transfer reinforcement via this open standard format in Allplan 2014, in addition to 3D objects and components. This becomes essential when Allplan is interacting with structural analysis software such as Scia Engineer, in the collision check with external tools (e.g. Solibri Model Viewer) or upon transfer of data to tendering software in order to calculate detailed construction costs based on actually-planned reinforcement.
- Modelling freedom
The goal of the optimizations made in the 3D modeller is to make your working methods even quicker and more intuitive. The new extrude function now automatically recognizes even angled surfaces. You can simply place or sketch new outlines and then perform a perpendicular extrusion in the next step. This does away with time-consuming intermediate steps such as rotating the crosshairs or creating construction lines.
- Direct object manipulation (handles)
The revised Handles functionality allows for another time-saving workflow. With a few clicks, you can make your entries right next to the selected object. The effects of your changes are visible immediately and can also be corrected quickly, if necessary. Functions are displayed on a context-specific basis. This results in a user interface that is broadly self explanatory and makes it easy to learn just by trying out different functions.
- Internet-based collaboration
Engineering offices need to complete construction projects in a fast-moving and networked working environment. To complete complex projects within a short design period, several people need to be able to access the project simultaneously and sometimes from different locations. Allplan 2014 therefore enables the Internet-based collaboration.
With the enhanced Workgroup functionality, several users can access the same Allplan project online - as efficiently as if they were all sitting in the same office. They can even access the data from outside the company network. This is useful, for example, if your company has several office locations, if you are working on a project together with other companies, working with external employees or working from a home office on your own computer. For meetings with clients, you always have the latest project status to hand and can add small changes directly.
Editing and correcting various messages issued by Quality Reporter led to a more stable Allplan.
Data Conversion
Data conversion of drawing files containing associative views was improved.
Elements in detailing windows on layouts are displayed correctly again.
When you upgrade the program to Allplan 2014, the data conversion of wizards in the office standard was improved.
Workgroup Online
No message will be issued when you import DWG data on standalone installations.
Format properties' setting "From layer, line style" now has the same effect on both 2D and 3D elements.
In the "Text" dialog box, you can scroll long texts again by turning the mouse wheel.
In Layout mode, you may place symbols on layouts without restrictions.
iTWO export: "Story" and "Topology" attributes were added to iTWO filter.
Layer names were aligned in Allplan and bim+.
bim+ data export: DTM elements can be exported to bim+ now.
Bonus Tools
3D Modeling
With the "Slice" tool, you can define the slicing plane by entering points on edges again.
With the "Building Lists" tool, you can analyze drawing files in edit and reference mode again.
Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Finish surfaces are shown correctly in animation now when you define the room finish using the Elements' method.
When you consecutively enter several rooms with finish surfaces, baseboards are not created automatically anymore.
Associative Views
Creating Associative Views and Sections of large data was improved.
When you cancel the "View and Section Properties" dialog toolbar while the "Dimension Line" dialog box is open, now the dimension line properties are saved correctly.
When you save elements with Associative Views on hidden layers, those are computed correctly again.
Bar Reinforcement
Reinforcement data can be exported again using the "Create Excel Spreadsheet" tool.
Matching of curves was refined when you create bars using the "Match Edges" option.
You now can modify the bending pin factor of bars created with "Convert, Match Elements".
Doubled congruent bars can be activated correctly again.
Nemetschek Allplan Systems GmbH (formerly: Nemetschek Allplan GmbH), with headquarters in Munich, is a leading European vendor of software for the design and management of buildings. As a one-hundred percent subsidiary of Nemetschek AG, the company develops intelligent IT solutions for architects, engineers, building contractors and facility managers. The flagship product, Allplan, is the platform for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and provides optimum support for the seamless process of designing and constructing buildings with regard to quality, costs and time. The software is currently used in 18 languages around the world. Allplan covers all levels of a modern CAD system: from simple 2D drafting and 3D design to object-oriented building modeling with cost determination and quantity takeoff.
Name: Nemetschek Allplan
Version: 2014-0-1
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 2.9 Gb
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