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Adobe Photoshop (32-bit and 64-bit versions) CS2 - CS5 and Compatibles or later, Adobe Creative Elements 4.0 or later, This Plug-in is also compatible with the following image editing Applications as Corel Photo-Paint 13 and Macromedia Fireworks 8. Machine Wash Filters create professional effects, texturing, using masking layers, and leaving intact the original itself. At any time (of course, until you realized rendering), if you do not like the effect, you can revert to the original image by simply dragging the Layer Mask to the cart.
Finally you can create professional quality image texture, aging and weathering effects with our Machine Wash Deluxe Image Filters This powerful easy-to-use plug-in comes with over 3,500 presets and millions of possibilities
Age and weather your photographs with a rich textural quality leaving everybody asking how you created such masterful depth in your images. Machine Wash Deluxe has been used by professional photographers for years, now you can create these compelling looks quickly with this easy-to-use plug-in
Take your design projects to the next level with these amazing filters Machine Wash Deluxe gives your design work an authentic pop of realism and a genuine tactile feel that adds depth and character Use Machine Wash Deluxe when you want to give your designs that extra edge
Youve seen it on famous tee shirts across the globe, television and movie titles and now YOUR design projects can shine with Machine Wash Deluxe Our original one-of-a-kind filter makes your typography and artwork pop with realistic texture and a tactile quality thats a treat for the eyes