Download key generator for Reallusion iClone Mocap Device Plugins 1.1

Reallusion iClone Mocap Device Plug-in a must-have tool that turns iClone5 into a complete mocap studio solution. With this Kinect motion capturing tool, users can use their own body to control virtual actors, in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations. Lightspeed your animations and create authentic motions without having to rent an entire mocap studio or even wear a markered jump suit! (plug-in only works with iClone5 PRO edition)
Real-time Character Control
iClone5 allows you to control different shapes and character styles live, so that you can enjoy performing like a monster, cartoon, comic or robot character. You may optionally capture partial body parts and mix them in with other motion data for unique actor performances.
Post Motion Editing & Optimization
The best part of iClone5 motion capture is that you may also adjust and refine your motions once you have finished capturing them. The enhanced HIK (human inverse kinematics) Motion Editor can help you adjust captured motions naturally by layering existing motions on top of each other.
Virtual Accessory Manipulation
Now during body movement, your actions will trigger flowing hair and skirt segments on your character to create authentic-looking results. You can also make virtual characters hold and manipulate accessories like swaying a sword or swinging a bag during performances.
Live Actor Tracking
With the depth cam and heat sensors, your body movements will automatically be recognized and tracked by the system without the need of additional 3D markers or sensor suits. The iClone Mocap System will quickly re-target your body when you or another person walks in front of the camera.
Visual FX Manipulation
You may also attach special particle effects to characters. Create your own super heroes with unique abilities, or bring in customized wizards with enchanting spells that follow your mocap movements. Particle effects come in 3 dimensions so you can create beautiful, artistic renders from any angle.
System Requirements:
You need iClone5 PRO. Please take note that iClone5 Standard does not work with the mocap feature. Only iClone5 PRO edition is compatible with the plug-in.
Depth Cam - Adapter