Download key generator for Cisco ASA 5500 Series

Cisco ASA 5540 8.2 (1) keymeyker to generate SecurityPlus license for any platform ASA. In it , click "Greedy", " tell " their ASA show version and copy the serial number in the first field.
Then put all the numbers in the maker equal to the maximum of those listed in the document, there ASA for each model has its own table , and we are interested in the last column - it corresponds to the license "Security Plus". After all this, click "Etis atis animatis" and to "feed " their ASA key. ( beware: all unknown keymeykeru functions / features will be disabled .)
Thus you will save yourself a considerable amount of $ and / or their organization (require a premium to many , but certainly successful searches keygens ) . Well, Respect and +1 karma from each of us to the guy that wrote this miracle of reverse engineering .