Download key generator for VOX JamVOX v3.0.3

This stand-alone software package brings together the best of VOX amp & effect modeling along with advanced Guitar XTraktion technology (GXT III) and popular plug-in compatibility. Announcing JamVOX III, the ultimate performance studio for the guitarist.
- Mac or PC compatible Guitar Studio software
- Drag & Drop interface allows quick creation of a customized rig
- 19 Amp models, from vintage to high-gain.
o Virtual Valve Reactor delivers spot-on recreations of the original amp design
- 12 Speaker cabinet models; combine your favorite amp & cabinet
- 57 Effect models accurately emulate the originals
o 18 Pedal type effects (Compressor, Wah, etc.)
o 12 Modulation style effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, etc.)
o 11 Delay effects, including modeled analog tape echo, multi-head delay, etc.
o 15 Reverb type effects plus Noise Reduction
- GXT III Guitar XTraktion removes (or isolates) the guitar from nearly any recording; allowing performers to play along in place of their guitar heroes
- Improved full-screen interface
- Access to
- Movie Recording mode for critiquing your own practice sessions
- Plug-in (AU, VST) abilities; 64-Bit native support
- Windows 8 32/64-bit supported
(Premium Recommended)
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