Download key generator for Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2014 SP1 ISZ

AutoCAD MEP - this is AutoCAD for the design of heating, ventilation, electrical and sanitary systems in buildings. The familiar AutoCAD-based environment provides a higher accuracy of the engineering systems. Automation drawing operations and collision detection function to help increase productivity and reduce errors. Support for the project during the construction of systems engineering and in other stages of the life cycle of the building is made possible by reliable technology DWG.
- Project Navigator - drawing management
Navigator simplifies the work with the drawings of the project, allowing you to create a coordinated views based on specified in the project settings . Detailed documentation of engineering systems as its foundation is organized in a binder . Everyone working on the project specialists only get access to the actual files - from project templates and ending with sections and elevations .
- Catalogues of special components
By using templates , you can create models of commercially manufactured air ducts, pipes and fittings. After transfer to AutoCAD MEP , these components are entered in the catalogs . The use of mass-produced components in piping and HVAC systems design improves accuracy .
- Setting the volume and trace pipeline
For inclined pipes and fittings can be used built-in tracing options . Trace settings for use specialized components and pipelines built for AutoCAD MEP. Supports the use of fittings with internal and external thread for a more realistic representation of pipelines.
- Dynamic input when dealing with the size of
AutoCAD MEP allows you to use dynamic typing when you add the wires , water pipes , ducts , cable ducts and trays , schematic lines . Dynamic input uses the same controls as in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture.
Binding sites for AutoCAD MEP now on regardless of the object snap AutoCAD. To turn snapping AutoCAD MEP uses the keyboard shortcut Shift + F3, and to enable snapping AutoCAD continues to serve as press F3.