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Compaq Visual Fortran v6.6 + Array Visualizer v1.6 x32 x86
Programming environment, debugging and compiling programs in Fortran 95 (and all previous versions of the language.)
Features added to Compaq Visual Fortran (Visual Fortran) version 6.6 (with Visual Fortran version 6.5 and 6.5A) include the following:
Added support for 8-byte integer and 8-byte logical data types.
Windows API interface DFWINTY.F90 and DFWIN.F90 (and their components) were significantly revised in 32-bit and 64-bit environment.
The new version of Compaq Extanded Math Library (CXML) is part of the Visual Fortran version 6.6.
CXML Version 5.0 includes improved performance for many procedures CXML, a new set of routines for solving sparse matrices using direct methods,
sample files that show how to call routines in Fortran and C,
Some changes in the iterative functions change in communications and other changes.
Skyline procedures are no longer supported.
LAPACK auxiliary routine XLAENV no longer available from CXML, instead LAPACK procedures and added DLAMCH SLAMCH,
Added new graphics functions allow to Bezier curves:
The following compiler options have been changed or added:
/ Annotation now provides optimization information in the listing file.
/ Architecture and
/ Variants now support PN4 keyword Pentium 4 system. In addition, PN1, PN2, and pn3 keywords have been added (pn abbreviation for the Pentium) as the preferred keywords instead of P5, P6, and p6p.
New or significantly revised sections in the Programmer's Guide include copying and viewing projects Fortran data types in the debugger.
Starting with version 6.6, Visual Fortran no longer supports Windows NT Alpha systems.
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