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TwistedBrush Pro Studio - a program for artists. It has a lot of variety of drawing tools , from paints to crayons and pencils. This program is deeply affects literally from the first run . Interface Twisted-Brush little resemblance to other editors, though, and provides all the necessary features: work with the clipboard, zuming and , of course, painting .
And drawing is only one tool - the brush, but the number ( more than 3000 pieces ) and quality presets for drawing as well as a variety of shapes and sizes of adjustability and colors make a person , not a particularly gifted artistic talent, just a couple of minutes to portray it, that - perhaps more accurately and qualitatively , of course - a professional who works in another editor, draw would probably have more than one hour .
The system of drawing is reduced to the manipulation of a variety of brushes , allowing to depict the specific drawing tools : pencil, painter, etc. , and to create certain effects , such as smoke, fire, wind, fog , water, and even create some three-dimensional objects with shadows and futuristic fractals . You have the ability to mix oil paints, used dispensers and sketch . These funds can be drawn almost anything . Also, images can add effects: their number is not as impressive - " only" a few dozen, which is also quite a lot , although this part of TwistedBrush, certainly inferior to Photoshop and Ulead PhotoImpact. The difference lies in the fact that the main purpose of the latter two programs - image processing, whereas in TwistedBrush emphasis on simple, even for absolute beginnera , but powerful in its ability to create them . Several atypical paging interface, but also to get used to it very quickly .
Unlike most graphics editors TwistedBrush not optimized for editing existing graphics, and to create a new , i.e. his main chance - drawing. The program is only one drawing tool - the brush, but the number (more than 360), as well as a great variety of shapes and sizes of adjustability and colors make anyone in a matter of minutes to portray it , that a professional using another editor , create , probably, than one hour. In addition, the available effects, such as "smoke" , "fire" , "wind" , "fog" , "water" and you can mix oil paint, spray graffiti , sketching, and even take advantage of this opportunity, as the creation of three-dimensional objects with shadows or fractals futuristic . Usability does contribute to system Undo / Redo ( up to 50 steps ) , script support , more than 50 filters , the function Zoom, multiple textures, etc. Supports most popular image formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, BMP, PCD, WMF and EMF.
General characteristics
Layers and Transparency : TwistedBrush fully supports transparency and layers with all the standard blending modes , plus a variety of unique blending modes
Masks : Extended support for the mask. Magic wand with a wide range of opportunities for the creation of masks , the ability to draw on their masks .
Cloning : With the cloning brushes included in TwistedBrush Pro Studio , you can do all the standard steps for cloning TouchUp photos or convert your photos to view a picture or drawing.
Tracing : allows you to see another image below the current image using the clone brush or a manual proportions and layout.
Image formats: In addition to the specific TwistedBrush formage file , TBR, all the leading standard image formats are supported including , JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, BMP, PCD, WMF and EMF.
A graphics tablet support : WTH tablet support with high precision sampling and pressure sensitivity .
Powerful motor Brush: Perhaps the most powerful image editor brush. Unified system with the flexibility and performance, for what would simulate natural media brushes full , complex blending operations .
Guide : from over 40 guides drawing pictures. From simple grids and snap to grids to complex 3D perspectives .
64 -bit images : Internally a full 64 bits of color information to achieve an incredible mix .
Image Processing Filters: Over 150 image processing filters , tools for working with your photos and other works.
Lua Scrpt Filters : TwistedBrush extends the standard additional methods for programmers to create even more filters for use with the user base TwistedBrush.
An extensive set of tools : In addition to some of the funds already provided a full range of tools at your disposal including , color palette , brush for cleaning, selection , Crop , Move, Line , Rectangle , Ellipse, fills, gradients , masks rectangle mask ellipse, mask Wand , Image Warp, the script brush tool Copy, Paste tool , to expose the cell , text, pan , rotate the brush guides and adjust the Brush tool
Color palette : a large selection of color palettes , including , dynamic color palettes and mixing palette.
Video : allows for easy storage and reuse your pictures and cropped photo elements for use later.
TwistedBrush Pro Studio only features
1000 Brushes : TwistedBrush Pro Studio includes as standard every brush available Pixarra. More than 7,000 at last count covering every area of digital art of great natural environment of wild brush brush with that you can build a random tree or whole city skyline with a single blow . Also available only in TwistedBrush Pro Studio is the ability to import user created brushes from the forum Pixarra. Brush Modifiers: Hundreds of quick and easy brush modifiers for changes the brush shape , texture, size , rotation, and color combinations.
Brush Editing : With TwistedBrush Pro Studio full editing capabilities brush included. Using a specialized sequencing system over 350 brushes effects and 150 time envelopes changing the basic types of brushes for a wide range of brushes. Share with other brushes or import the brush codes from other users for an unlimited number of brushes.
Solutions : one -click solution for complex actions. Apply frames , advanced image processing , charts , and other tasks that normally require significant work have been record for your easy play back .
Adobe Photoshop (TM) compatible plug-ins : the use of a wide range of standard plug-ins in the studio TwistedBrush Pro.
Many other features : Explore the wealth of other features in TwistedBrush Pro Studio and TwistedBrush Open Studion such as Blob Modeling , Mask Filters , Filters alpha channel editing ArtSets for brush management , References Images , Pattern Explorer, Recording your work directly to video, Your job is to write a script that can be played back (Pro), Page Explorer, generate a random hand , the preservation of Auto page , high performance undo and Redo , make slide - show PDF, scanning , Lanczos3 scaling the image , texture of paper and , of course, a wide range of available brushes !