Download key generator for FarmerGPS 5.12.7

If you have looked at GPS guidance for your farm operation you are already aware of the many advantages this technology has. When we started evaluating the options on the market we realized that the simple lightbar GPS guidance would just not work for our area. On our farm we often have to go around waterholes, bushes etc. so that you really need to see a map of the applied area to determine where you have misses or overlaps.
After evaluating the more sophisticated GPS guidance systems, we wondered why we could not use our laptop as the display device. Almost any GPS device does provide positional information through a standard protocol, so understanding the data coming from the GPS and displaying it properly for agriculture GPS guidance should be all what is required.
To make a long story short, we went ahead and did exactly that. We created a program called FarmerGPS. It runs on a Windows 7/8, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000 based PCs and connects to any GPS via a standard serial cable or USB-serial cable.
Over the past 7 years we added many features based on feedback from our customers.
So if you are looking to add GPS guidance to your farm operation in a very cost effective, yet feature rich way, read through the website or contact us!. You may also download a fully functional evaluation version of FarmerGPS. The evaluation version is limited to about 10 min of GPS receiver connectivity. If you have a laptop and a GPS device (NMEA 0183 protocol and connectivity to a laptop), go ahead and test for free. You may also test without a GPS receiver! Download FarmerGPS and select "simulation" mode. While simulation mode is not perfect, it gives you a good idea on how FarmerGPS works. All you need is a desktop PC (or laptop) with a Windows operating system.
Advantages of GPS guidance in agriculture:
- Reducing overlap and minimizing spraying gaps
- Lowering fertilizer and chemical costs by reducing overlaps
- Minimizing environmental impact
- Verifying complete coverage - at the time of application
- Maintaining reports on all field activity
- Marking areas or points in the field