Download key generator for Bootable SD card recorder for the Japanese Toyota NSDN-W59 NSDN-W60

Description: The difference from the previous distribution to the SD card version: 08675-00V02
Many previous distribution does not fit, so I spread a different version.
The image of SD card for embedded navigation systems Toyota, as well as for the resuscitation of the radio as a whole.
Required to download navigation on Japanese cars (RHD), for example, after disconnecting the battery, as well as for navigating Japan.
For some systems, can activate the built-in MP3 and DVD functions.
The distribution of the image of the SD card
Extras. Information: The image is fused using UltraIso
Version: 08675-00V02
List of countries on the disk: Japan
Supported languages??: Japanese
Compatible with: NSDN-W59, NSDN-W60. Merged with the image of the 2010 Toyota Prius.
Year / Date of Release: 2010