Download key generator for PASSWORDfighter PRO 1.1.16

Languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Thai and Chinese.
Never Forget a Password Again! Is your desk covered in sticky notes with all of your logins and passwords? If you have ever been booted off sites because you can't remember your password and you've exceeded the number of attempts, you know you need some help. Fortunately, you don't need to remember them all - PASSWORDfighter will do that for you. All you need to do is to remember one Master Password for all your accounts...and you can do that, can't you?
Boost productivity
Forget about managing your passwords with spreadsheets or sticky notes. No more second or third guess attempts at password variations - PASSWORDfighter manages your online passwords for you and automatically logs you into your favorite sites
Improve your security
Improves security - The best way to prevent your online accounts from being stolen or hacked is by using unique and strong, or secure, passwords. Our strong password generator in conjunction with automatic recall of passwords makes an otherwise daunting task a cinch
Get organized
Get organized and categorize your accounts and favorites into groups for improved accessibility as you finally begin the process of upgrading your accounts with secure and unique passwords.
Key Features:
* Automatic Logins - Recognizes password protected sites and logs you in automatically
* Form Filler - Fills in online forms securely and accurately with one click
* Strong Passwords - Creates and stores them securely in the encrypted database
* Secures Memos - Store credit card or other private information
* Organizes - Group passwords together for bookmark-like management
* Bookmarks - Available from all your computers
* Encrypted - all of your personal data is stored in an AES encrypted database
* Protection - protect yourself from identity theft, phishing attempts and keyloggers
* Portable - Take your passwords with you anywhere on a USB stick
* Imports/Exports - Import passwords from browsers and export to text files or spreadsheets