Download key generator for Delcam PowerSHAPE 2014 SP1

Delcam PowerSHAPE - a powerful system of a hybrid 3D modeling for product design of complex forms and prepare CAD-models under production. Combines the tools of frame, surface and solid modeling, with the possibility of working with reliefs and triangulated models. most strengths PowerSHAPE - this surface modeling and the opportunity to work with any data from all design packages. In contrast to 3D design packages, this creates an accurate model for the further transfer it into production. PowerSHAPE Pro in addition to the core functionality PowerSHAPE provides a set of tools for designers that includes tools fotorealistiki, morphing and blending of facet models.
hybrid simulation: A hybrid simulation;
Through intelligent cursor geometric constructions are carried out quickly and easily
The surfaces of the body and can be easily modified
Possible Boolean operation between bodies and surfaces
Supports the history of creation of solid elements
Ability to import and work with data of poor quality, even with the use of solid-state Simulation: Global modeling;
Provides a fully integrated design approach
Changing the design of products is quick and easy
Complements the hybrid simulation tools facet modeling and reverse engineering
Ideal for the development of product brands and decorating products textures and Drafting: Drafting Delcam;
Fully integrated creation of drawings
Generate drawings from 3D models
Support for drafting standards: Standard, BSI, ANSI, DIN, BDC, JIS, plus the ability to customize standard
Intelligent cursor in the construction and quick dimensioning
Associative modeling, based on Active Render: Delcam Render & PowerSHAPE Pro
includes a module for creating photorealistic images, which can be useful for designers to work out the appearance of products. The module allows you to create a scene, have lights, look for color combinations.