Download key generator for The Foundry Kronos 5.0v3 Plugin for Adobe After Effects

Powerful retaymer using CUDA-accelerated, designed to slow down or accelerate the rate and add a blur-effects on moving objects in After Effects. It works by calculating the motion in the sequence, in order to obtain motion vectors describing each pixel or block of pixels, moving from frame to frame. Using accurate motion vectors, the ability to generate additional images between frames at any point along the line of motion. Kronos can also add motion blur to the result, based on the same vectors, but for ease of use, Motionblur-plugins are also available as a separate module in the same package with Kronos. To use Kronos requires NVIDIA card that supports CUDA, as well as the drivers.
GPU Accelerated Retiming Plug-in for After Effects.
The Foundry has created a Hollywood quality CUDA GPU accelerated retiming plug-in based on their Academy Award-winning FURNACE algorithms: KRONOS 5.0. Use KRONOS for retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping and slow-motion effects, plus the addition of realistic motion blur.
Retiming is useful when you have to make something fit an allotted time segment, or want to creatively move in super slow-motion.