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Portable versions BatchInpaint, Inpaint, iResizer and PhotoStitcher from the company Teorex in one bottle.
BatchInpaint - it is a separate version of the popular program Inpaint, which allows you to process images in batch mode. Now you can remove watermarks, date, with photos and other unwanted objects from dozens of photos at once.
How to use BatchInpaint:
Add photos
Move the rectangle and change its size so as to clearly select the area you want to clean
Start the process
Changes in version 2.0:
New BatchInpaint Look
Added support 8-Bit Grayscale images
Added support for EXIF data. EXIF data is retained on saving.
Undo / Redo for Mask
Modified zoom function to center on the area the mouse pointer wants to zoom to
Added Magic Wand tool. Allows you to select an area of an image based on its colour.
Algorithm optimization
Overall stability, memory usage and performance improvements.
New Lasso selection tool
New Polygonal Lasso selection tool
New Deselection mode which allows to subtract from selection area
Added ability to Load / Save mask for further use
Inpaint - Very useful program will enable accurate and smart remove unwanted elements of digital photography, such as, for example, text, watermarks, accidentally caught in the frame objects, as well as dirt, scratches and dust. The program thus reconstructs the background surface. All you have to do - is to select a rectangular box or a contour line cut around the object and run the magic mode Inpaint. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results of the program. Its certainly worth a try.
If some unexpected object spoils an otherwise good photograph, Inpaint will simply remove it. Select the object, and you no longer have to fiddle with the brush of cloning. The program is very easy to use. Select the area around the object and use the tool smart remove. Inpaint will fill the selection area carefully the pixels surrounding the object.
The main advantages of Teorex Inpaint:
Restoration of old photos
Removing watermarks
Remove unwanted objects
Digital retouching faces
Removing the timestamp
Lightweight and very easy to use
iResizer - program that allows you to scale the part of the image without affecting the rest of the content.
How to use:
Upload the image that you want to change
Make a rough allocation of the area that you would not want to change when you resize
Select the area that will be ignored by increasing
Press the Resize and enter a new dimension
Whats new in version 2.3:
New iResizer Look
Optimized memory usage
New Preferences
Teorex PhotoStitcher - program to automatically merge pictures into a panoramic image. With PhotoStitcher there is no need to manually tinker with the movement and alignment of images Now you can easily combine images and get a perfect panorama. Just click on a series of overlapping images and click create. PhotoStitcher - is a fully automatic garbage images.
Main Features:
Works with any arrangement of overlapping photos taken from the same point
Automatic trimming
Simple and intuitive interface. Simply select an image and click the create
Changes in version 1.3:
Added more projections (Spherical, Plane, Cylindrical, Fisheye, Stereographic)
Recent changes in the assembly (27.07.2013)
Program update to version 5.4 Inpaint
A slight modification of the assembly:
- Now, the program featured in this collection can be updated independently. It is enough to replace the files in the folder AppTeorex for more fresh and make the necessary license keys to a file serial.ini, located in the same place.
- Added the ability to split into separate programs build (may be useful to someone.) To do this, create a separate folder for each of the programs within each of them, create a sub-folder Appimya programs (eg, AppInpaint). Drag the folder from there AppTeorex appropriate executable file and serial.ini (leaving him only the section that refers to the program to be moved), and in the root folder the place needed a launcher. Use and enjoy
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