Download key generator for Windows XP Home SP3 en-US IE8 NET4 WMP11 Aug2013

A original updated image from Microsoft
No Windows XP Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Registry Settings were modified.
No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO.
Release Date .[ 2013-08-16
Program Type .[ OS
Platform .....[ Windows
Language .....[ English
Image Type ...[ ISO
Release File:
Size: 787MB
CRC32: 24FC9E3C
MD5: 9220552EB20E7DB2AA4AAB79F6332287
SHA-1: FB3626AF79DACBA8CBBE814B5182BAD8190CFA19
This have all high priority updates on the Microsoft Update website
and includes IE8, DX updates, all .NETs and WMP11 and some other useful updates.
see .txt file in torrent for more info(Readme/Changelog)