Download key generator for Oracle Database v12c Release 1

Oracle Database 12c is a major release. This is the result of more than 2500 person-years of development, 1.2 million hours of
testing and a broad program of beta testing with customers and partners to Oracle. Oracle Database 12c offers more than 500 new
features and optimized for SPARC processors and Intel Xeon .Community members Oracle User Group Communities are actively involved
in the development and testing of Oracle Database 12c - said Michelle Malcher (Michelle Malcher), president of the Independent Oracle
Users Group (IOUG). - We are pleased to see improvements across the board, and the new architecture will greatly facilitate the
customers to consolidate their databases in the cloud. The new version introduces a new multiarendnuyu architecture that simplifies
the process of consolidation of the databases in the cloud and allows companies to manage multiple databases as one, without
changing the application. Oracle Database 12c is the foundation of public cloud Oracle Public Cloud. It can also be a great choice
for customers who are deploying private cloud database service, as well as SaaS-providers who want to use the power and capability
of Oracle Database in a safe multiarendnoy model. Innovations in Oracle Database 12c designed to meet the needs of our customers in
cloud environments - said Andy Mendelsohn (Andy Mendelsohn), Vice President, Oracle direction of Database Server Technologies. - New
multiarendnaya architecture facilitates organizations to consolidate databases and allows you to safely manage multiple databases as
a single entity. Multiarendnaya architecture also offers other opportunities for cloud environments, in particular, simplified
deployment, cloning databases, and prioritization of resources, without requiring changes to the applications. In addition, Oracle
Database 12c jointly developed and works fine on servers Oracle SPARC T5, set a world record performance. The main problem faced by
leaders today enterprise data centers, is an expensive, complex and inflexible industrial databases that are used in large quantities
and working on outdated nemoderniziruemyh server configurations, resources, most of which are, in essence, is not enough - said Carl
Olofson (Carl Olofson), vice-president of IDC's market research software for database management and data integration
(Database Management and Data Integration). - In the very nature of most corporate databases laid that these bases can not be easily
moved, and attempts to combine them through consolidation leads to DBAs to additional complexity and manageability issues.
Oracle Database 12c offers an elegant solution to this complex problem, which not only provides deployment flexibility and
simplifies the administration of multiple databases, but does so without requiring any changes to applications and additional
training database administrators. And, in addition, Oracle Database 12c makes the data center is well prepared for any movement in
the direction of cloud computing. Contents: Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (2.52 GB) Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Global Service
Manager (GSM) (545 MB) Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Grid Infrastructure (1,38 GB) Oracle Database Gateways 12c Release 1 (593 MB)
Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Examples (77,9 MB) Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Client (949 MB)