Download key generator for Windows XP - NEBULA Edition - August 2013

This edition has been slip-streamed from an original MSDN Windows XP Service Pack 3 volume license disk with all critical and important updates up to and including August 15, 2013. This is an unattended install that includes system tweaks such as removal of bloated services and useless applications such as games and other pointless microsoft bloatware.
This disk also includes many other helpful software such as ncleaner and ccleaner with install instructions as well as an office suite and media manager that are all optional. This disk also comes with Vista Inspirat to change the windows xp environment to look like vista as well as a 'settings' file to be used with windows' file and settings transfer wizard for quick customization.
This is a performance install with all vital processes needed for a stable, secure and ultra fast home or business computer. This install is fully activated and accepts all automatic updates. Internet Explorer 7 with full updates.
Upon completing the install the windows directory can be shrunk to under 750 MB and system processes are minimal using roughly 100 MB RAM. installation directions provided with disk to further optimize the system using ncleaner and ccleaner. Simply place the CD in the drive and reboot and select which partition to format and install on and in 30 minutes or less you will have a fully functioning system.
this is the fastest / most stable slimmed down version of xp you will find. this also has OPTIONAL software that you can use to change to a vista style environment. this edition is activated but may require the use of the crack found in the genuine folder after running microsoft validation update. you can also look up how to change the serial through the registry, it's quite simple.
Additional software includes: acrobat . divx . java runtime . vodei . xvid . auslogics registry cleaner . cd burner xp . eraser . secure chromium . mp3tagtools . recuva . starter . tweaknow registry cleaner . izarc . longhorn inspirat . windows genuine advantage . wallpapers.