Download key generator for Virtual Acoustic Guerrini Superior 2

Virtual Acoustic Guerrini Superior 2 KONTAKT | 779MB
The multi-timbral accordion for Native Instruments Kontakt, with all 13 right hand and one left hand register, including all key, release and register switch noises, play style and register keyswitches, and all of that including changeable reverb, echo and attack time in nice and very user-friendly graphic user interface.
Guerrini Superior 2, piano accordion, 1986th.
44.1 kHz / 24-bit.
2116 samples / 775 MB.
All original 12+1 right hand registers / 41 keys.
Left hand "Organtone Bass" register / 120 buttons.
Right and left hand in the same instrument (patch).
4 variations for right hand (Intelligent random X4).
2 variations for left hand (Intelligent random X2).
Right hand instruments in 3 dynamic levels.
Right hand voices looped unlimited length.
Controllable key, release and register noises.
Built-in changeable reverb, echo and attack time.
Force playing gently, normal or sharp.
Visual information of basic voices in use.
Dynamic bellow controllable by expression pedal.
Natural "suffocate" tone effect.
Vibrato bellow shake (left hand effect).
For Kontakt 4.2.2 or or higher