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The Sims 3: Store (2009-2013) RePack by mitya01201 Package
2009-2013 | PC | Developer: The Sims Studio | 5.24GB
Genre : AddOn / DLC / Mod for Games
All the official free and paid additional material from the magazine The Sims 3 Store. material collected in package to 1 GB. Package is not processed rekompressor.
Collected all the official city:
Barnacle Bay,
Hidden Spring,
Lunar Lakes
Lucky Palms
Sanlit Tides,
Monte Vista,
Aurora Skies,
Dragon Valley.
Collected all of the sets including the collection "Sun, surf and water."
Features of Release
Because no pretreatment Stora it does not require any additional fixes.
No need to install just copy the files and enjoy the game.
Because of the large size of the package and a small amount of performance loss is minimal.
Collected all the official city.
Contains all sets.
Attached are all the fixes and patches.
File Resource.cfg included.
Install and run
1. Copy the entire contents of the folder in the Base Game THE SIMS 3! (Default location: C: Program Files Electronic Arts The Sims 3)
Have Fun!!!
As for installation on Mac OS. I do not know how to install will be glad if prompt!
Update History distribution
Updating the distribution is carried out as far as possible at least once a month
Added a new set of Collection "Sun, surf and water,"
added a new Offer Bistro "Business as usual"
Added a new set of Loft "Coffee hipster"
Added a new section of Center for the Performing Arts "The palate in sight"
Added gifts for registration, limited edition and pre-order the origin for EP10
Added bonus exhibition dedicated to the output Center for the Performing Arts "The palate on the mind" (rusifitsirovany)
Added to the festival for lots of cities Store post-Sanlit Tides (Russified)
Added automatic replacement of lots for the festival cities Store post-Sanlit Tides (compatible with patch 1.55 and Islo Paradiso)
Fixed some bugs and routing objects (Compatible with Patch 1.55)
Updated Fixes (Compatible with Patch 1.55)
Updated lots of files, and renamed for easier use
Updated files of some cities
Full repackaging content Do not forget to remove the old version!
Added a new set of Life at Sea
Added a new world: Dragon Valley
Added lot of the Renaissance Festival "The Duke and bow bow"
updated fashion
Now pakedzhi packed to 1 GB
Added a set of Fashion financial success
Updated Fashion
Fixed run game
System Requirements:
OS: Windows, Mac OS X
HDD: ~ 6 Gb Tablet: Not required