Download key generator for DZED Dragonframe 3.5.2230 Beta

The next generation image capture system for stop motion animation. New features include a visual timeline editor, integrated lip-sync, advanced DMX lighting, motion control and much more.
New Features Dragonframe 3
Tabbed Workspaces. Navigate through multiple Dragonframe workspaces within one window, or detach a workspace for dual monitor support.
Docked X-Sheet. Dock the highly configurable X-Sheet within the Animation workspace for easy viewing.
Vector-Based Drawing Tools. Draw lines, ticks, shapes and free form. Then select drawing objects to scale or rotate them. Use the increment editor to visualize movement along a path over time.
Lipsync. Import a face set library and create a perfect track reading in our revamped audio workspace.
Visual Timeline. View thumbnails and edit your sequence directly in the new timeline, which is part of the Animation workspace. You can quickly pull holds to adjust timing for pop-through tests.
DMX. Improved keyframe editing and visualization in Dragonframe 3. Create custom lighting programs per exposure.
Arc Motion Control. Set up multiples axes, jog motors, set keyframes and run move tests. Currently interfaces with the IOTA Controller and Arduino boards.
Video Assist Levels. Adjust video assist levels to compensate for low-light situations.
Portrait Image Orientation. Switch to portrait orientation for still photography.
Floating License Server. For schools and large organizations, configure Dragonframe to use a floating license server.
Linked Exposures. Link two or more exposures together so their settings stay in sync.
Template Scene. Configure a template scene to base all new scenes on. Useful for large productions with lots of common settings on every project.