Download key generator for Windows Universal Crack Loader 2013 v4.0.3

Windows Universal Crack Loader 2013 v4.0.3 it's a versatile tool that Check for Activation Status (W7-8/O2010), Activate W7-8 and Servers (OEM/KMS), Activates Office 2010 VL (KMS), Reset W7/Servers Back to Trial Mode and many more...
Main Features:
Activation Status Check (W7-8/Office 2010)
OEM Activation (W7) (Slic v2.1 only)
KMS Activation (W7-8/Servers/Office 2010 VL)
Resets W7 Back to Trial (All Versions / Except Multipoint)
OEM Activation Support:
Note: Slic v2.1 only
Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate.
KMS Activation Support:
Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise (N and E), and Multipoint Server. Windows 8 PRO. (will add other versions later)
Office 2010 VL Editions Of:
Professional Plus, Standard, Small Business Basic, Project Professional/Standard, Visio Premium / Professional / Standard, Mondo / Mondo 2, Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and Publisher. [Win7 and Win8 Pre M3 Build 7955]
Reset to Trial Supports:
Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate (N and E).
Works on Win 7 SP1 too...
Script Updated and corrected OEM Activation Errors.
KMS Activation Updated for Office and Windows.
Console icon changed. (See end of thread to view the new icon - in large)
Add Support for Multipoint (KMS Activation).
Log added to Desktop to record every step you do with WOAT.
Error when have an account with name space FIXED by copying emulator to SystemDrive Temporally. Because adding the [" "] to call it breaks the menu selection function. (do not know why)
Almost the whole script has been rewritten
Added function to check for rearms available in Office 2010 VL Menu and give rating based on available rearms.
Remove IORRT.
Remove IR4.
Updated KMS Emulator
This is a work in progress sorry for delays have been very busy with family and work.
How This Program Works:
- Run as administrator
- Click on "Activate Your Windows Copy"
- Wait for the process and dont do nothing
- It restarts automatically